Medical Animation

Do you prefer analog or digital? Letter writing, or the quickness and reliability of a text message? Do you prefer the biggest, most grotesquely large television, or is it the simplicity of a good novel you’re after?

We as a society have such a love / hate for technology – we brutally curse it, we praise it. We have all been in the situation of donkey punching our lovely electronic devices, just because it’s stalling for a fraction of a second longer than our attention span. What a patient species we are!

Whatever your opinion is, whether you’re gitty for future (robot slaves?), or afraid of what’s to come (human slaves?), there’s one thing that’s hard to dismiss. Technology has laid the red carpet for some pretty awesome medical advances. Better equipment, better research, better medicine. And it just keeps on coming.

No, it’s not a coincidence that humans are living past the age of wrinkly. Great grandpa is alive and reciting the same boring stories because of the research in the health and medicine industry. For eons, pharmaceutical companies have been mixing and developing medical solutions in their sophisticated caldrons. Now, more than ever, these solutions are coming fast and furious. And thanks to medical animation services today, we as the consumer can see and understand what we’re putting into our bodies.

The power of medicine and Medical video production has opened the once sealed shut door of medical information and true understanding. We’re not smart, not when it comes to medicine, anyway. Doctors are super smart. For years, we were just inclined to just trust what these trained geniuses say. No more! Production companies have cracked the medical code for us. Yes, there is light! Well, there’s animation… No matter how you hack it, it’s pretty awesome stuff.

Why now? CGI and animation is more sophisticated. We can see inside the human body, we can see what that stale slice of pizza you ate last week can do to our insides (PS, I hear it’s not good). It’s animation and video production on steroids. If Arnold Schwarzenegger were an animation, he’d look a little like this video. Look at the flex!

Octapharma (Molecular Method of Action)

This video – with all of its production, editing, colour and sound correction – breaks down a problem and explains a new solution. Not only does it provide a digestible understanding, but it gets this awesome solution to the masses. More and more videos like these will flood our YouTube watching, our Facebook and Twitter feeds. Be on the lookout, you’ll be happy for it!

The future is bright for the well-being of humans, and we can thank research technology for that. So next time you feel inclined to throw your unresponsive cell phone or bash your frozen keyboard, give these devises a warm hug. Because they are a small piece of a bigger picture, a picture that has saved hundreds upon thousands of lives.