Want to market a new product? Or maybe, you’re looking to promote the brand for seasonal offers? Whatever your case may be, videos are your best friend. Especially one through a reputed corporate video production. 

Video production is easy. But what makes corporate video stand out, is how these advertisements focus solely on your brand name. It’s one of the most lucrative forms of online marketing all over social media. 

Thankfully, it’s an easy form of marketing your brand without the hassles of approaching various outlets to promote your brand on your behalf. So, how is it done? Twisted Frame, a well-known video production company in Toronto, is here to ease the pathway for you. 

Today, we’ll dive into the easy forms of marketing for your brand video. Let’s begin. 

#1. Personalize Your Video

What makes a video most interactive? Personalizing your corporate video. Imagine this: Your video is all about medical products. Making it too serious and product-focused will make it feel boring after a few seconds. 

So why not add a little bit of personality to your brand’s corporate video production? Check out this Toronto video production for Akumin Closer by Twisted Frame. It’s all about the humans that the brand wants to reach. While the video does showcase medical supplies and services, the video’s focus is on the patients and to-be clients. 

Personalized videos like this help to reach out faster through social media as they touch the hearts of many all at once. Moreover, viewers who like the video might share it with others. Sometimes, niche videos focusing on everything around the product make for more trendy shorts online. 

For example, when making a video about fizzy drinks, you can turn it all about sports, parties, and outdoor activities. Introducing the drink slowly into the mix makes it more relatable than adding it head-on into the advertisement. 

You can add personality to every ad as long as you know how to connect the product/service to the story for your marketing campaign. 

#2. Recycle-Repurpose-Respite

When you need a new video idea, why not reuse your old brainchild? In the world of marketing, there’s no guilt in repurposing your old advertisement. 

So, why is it such a popular format for marketing? For starters, it saves a lot of time, especially for seasonal sale promotions. Think about it you already have advertisements from your previous promotions, launches, and more. So why not ramp them up for a new campaign? It saves hours or even days of work and lets you curate something creative without the stress and overwork. 

Moreover, it saves tons of money and keeps away the need for casting, scriptwriting from scratch, hiring new voice actors, renting sets, etc. You can save that and invest in more professional video editors for your future projects. Additionally, if you’ve had a successful ad that was trendy back in the day, you can try your luck by revamping and renewing it for a re-run. 

For this, re-hiring the original actors, musicians, and sets can help out and is an efficient way to keep your brand image afloat. So, if you’re looking to make a new corporate video to market your brand, maybe it’s time to look back for a banger. 

#3. Influencer = Brand Ambassadors

The level of influence some creators can have on social media is unparalleled. They set the trends and also introduce new bangers on various platforms. These trends can be dances, popular sayings, and even something funny and original. 

Think of an influencer who could be the perfect brand ambassador for your brand and speak your tone fluently. For example, you could be a small brand focusing on organic skincare products. For you, an influencer catering towards skincare routines and beauty is the best hack. 

Similarly, a fashion trendsetter works perfectly with a clothing retail brand and a food vlogger for a restaurant-chain ad. Influencers can open up a world of opportunities for your brand to grow and diversify. 

Moreover, think about the fame you receive from utilizing influencers for your brand. It’s a great way to show the virtual world that you’re up with the hottest trend on social media. It helps to bond with buyers and investors from all walks of life without trying too hard to get with the flow. 

Check out this video editing by Twisted Frame Koka. It’s an ideal example of how a video feels more trendy and hip when you hire the best cast to showcase your services. 

Get the Best with Twisted Frame Corporate Video in Toronto

Want to ease your tasks with corporate video? Then Twisted Frame got you covered. From the best editing, sound quality checks, to post-production checks, you will be in good hands. So, if you want one of the best corporate video productions to grace your brand, contact us today for more information.