Let’s imagine your business taking off. It’s at its peak, and you’re receiving recognition and fame within your competition. Now, how to make it last? The answer lies in a seamless video production. 

Video production for marketing is the bread and butter to boost your brand’s sales and name. It’s an evergreen strategy to launch businesses into social media pages. The diversity in ad marketing lets you stand out in the crowd while making your brand name an unforgettable identity for potential consumers. 

But how does corporate video production achieve such a feat? And is it any good for marketing? Toronto video production mogul Twisted Frame is ready to answer your questions. So, here’s a list of benefits that help reach marketing success through video production. Let’s check them out!

#1. Video Production Aids SEO Ranking

High SEO ranking makes a brand more visible on search engines. When creating videos for your product’s advertisements, ensure to optimize it for SEO. This includes using relevant keywords, hyperlinking the brand site in the description, and optimal video editing to hold attention. 

This helps to direct consumers and clients towards your business when they type out a specific need. For example, your brand makes vegan meal kits for busy remote workers. If your advertisement has the right keywords and optimization fit to reach the correct customers, you’re set for life. 

Doing so drives traffic to your website, helping visitors discover what you offer. Redirecting potential customers through your videos works wonders, removing the need to type out your brand name on a search engine for results. 

Instead, your business can be one of the top-ranking SERPs on the engine, making you instantly visible to curious users. 

#2. Raises Conversions and Sales in a Jiffy!

If you strategise your marketing, it can help boost your sales and convert potential clients into interested partners in no time. Here, corporate video production helps curate a brand identity that touches the hearts of viewers. 

Let’s take the example of the Grease Musical brand video by Twisted Frame. In the video, we see high-quality animation, lighting, a catchy tune, and an informative ending to encapsulate it all.

The advertisement has everything you need to relate to what the production is offering. Such videos are best to launch on social media with relevant hashtags and keywords to boost your brand’s sales and convert curious onlookers into eager consumers. 

These videos are very productive for brand identity and ensure that there are clear instructions on what you’re offering. In the Grease Musical video, the scene ends with the date of launch, the location of the play, and a site name for ticket purchases. 

All in all, when you have a great video to market your brand’s offers, you can expect more investors to take an interest in your business. 

#3. You Become a Social Media Favorite

Marketing and brand awareness go hand-in-hand. People will only invest in your brand and its products if you’re:

  • Visible
  • Trustable
  • Relatable

Out of these, visibility is the key to the other criteria. And for that, social media is of tremendous help. For example, the brand video for Uresta by Twisted Frame showcases the benefits of their product to a specific section of consumers. It’s a great way to build trust and become visible through what you sell. 


By creating a video with product benefits, you showcase a brand that people relate to, trust, and hence are willing to back it. Such videos on social media platforms help create a relationship between consumers and the brand and create more visibility among its competitors. 

It’s no news that our brand processes moving or stationary images faster than written words. Hence, running a social media page for your brand and uploading SEO-optimized videos to market your identity can make you go viral in that space in no time. 

#4. Makes Your Brand More Smartphone-Friendly

Have you ever seen a person without a smartphone in their hands? It’s the gateway to funny memes, social media interactions, and knowing about trends around you. 

Your aim here is to make your brand stay visible everywhere. And that’s best possible through mobile visibility. According to the Social Shepherd, 90% of a brand’s consumers watch advertisements on smartphones. 

These ads can appear on social media platforms as well as on YouTube for all-round visibility. Such advertisements are reachable to the masses, making you an unforgettable name in your market. 

For example, when it comes to fizzy drinks, everyone knows Pepsi or Coca-Cola. This is because they always stay relevant with trend-related videos on social media platforms and advertise their seasonal offers through brand ads. 

Smartphones make advertisements easy to consume and help build a personal connection with the viewers. By producing a video to market your services, you ensure that all eyes are on your brand 24/7. And that is a form of marketing that the most successful brands use. 

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