Tempting Features: iPhone 7 Your Pipeline to Visibility

iPhone 7 – Tempting Features

It’s no secret, a big upcoming tech product launch, such as the iPhone 7, often spurs online speculation and gossip. And to capitalize on such juicy monotonous occasion, every techie working for the news sector will post a blurb related to Apple’s new gizmo.

Since the iPhone 7 won’t be tantalizing consumer digits for about five months, the best anyone can do is speculate. The tech sector annalists love conjuncture, and since phone manufactures need time to build, develop, and research a new product, the gaps between major releases may make some daily tech reviewers a bit nervous. Luckily, this tense feeling can be quelled by some covert tidbits, about iPhone 7 features.

Here is some shared insight as to what new functions iPhone 7 may have: a bigger screen, brand new IOS in conjunction with a faster processor, more impressive camera, longer lasting battery, and roomier storage. Let’s not forget to mention, the one feature the wonder-phone should drop: that aged Home Button (that would be something). Of course, there are no solid facts out there yet, just rumors.

What I personally love about upcoming product news, are the sneaky techniques individuals use SEO to draw readers to their websites. For example, motion graphics Toronto outfit may post a blurb about a rumored iPhone 7 feature – thus making its website more visible on Google. Or a medical video production company may write a laundry list of most wanted features its employees wish the new iPhone7 had.

The rabbit hole goes deeper still.

Let’s pretend you own an older Apple phone, and want to attract buyers directly to your post on eBay. Crafting a headline around the most searched word on the net would be beneficial. You only need to place the three keywords in relative proximity to game the mighty Google bot.

Take a quick gander: Apple 7 iPhone 6 for resale. (Noticed the bait?) Trust me, posting a header devoid of commas should increase the chance of its visibility among first page iPhone search results. Maybe you offer video editing services to bigger firms. Writing the following headline may be advantageous: Corporate video production services catered for Apple’s iPhone 7 IOS – this one scores another keyword hinting at some features in the upcoming operating system.

Some websites go as far as creating a domain out of the phone’s name, under the guise of a user guide, manual or tutorial. Since the entire list of iPhone 7 functions is not public knowledge, the admins offer an immediate update of the site when the smartphone is released. Deceptive. Yet, very effective!

It’s doubtful if any one source will be granted early-access to the new iPhone 7. Apple may enjoy all the free publicity it always seems to attract, but the company’s less talked-about mantra is secrecy and precise marketing. Which means you shouldn’t expect to learn anything significant, unless Apple releases iPhone 7 specs to the masses out of its own volition. But this shouldn’t stop you from injecting your own spin into the hype wave.

Author: Tomasz Juszkiewicz