Intro Videos for Companies – The New Handshake

Introducing yourself and your brand online- intro videos – the new handshake.

  • Why an intro video to your company/brand/etc. will only help you
  • Gain your audience by letting them know your style upfront with intro videos
  • Play around with videos
    • Seasons
    • Holidays
    • Moods
  • Linking through video to additional videos, photos, apps, etc.

First impressions are a key indicator of how well a business can run, develop and supply the needs of its customers. A firm handshake is something the business perceives as crucial, especially for a first impression. The difference between now and 20, 15 or even 10 years ago, is the ease of access to information. How does this affect you? Your business?

This means that before your chance to network, introduce and provide that one in a million handshake, you will most likely have already had your first impression–online. The goal is no longer to simply network, meet, and generate clients in social situations; there is now a need to consistently generate conversation online, monitor needs, expectations and overall feedback from customers, clients and other businesses.

As the internet continues to create simpler ways of access to information as quickly as possible, videos are important for grabbing attention. From short Vines or Snapchats, to YouTube and Vimeo, videos are as important as typical brand management.

How can a video help your business make it to #1? Easy! Not only can you create and develop videos that target specific audiences and their needs, but you can also maintain your branding and style in a quick manner, easy for customers or clients to understand. Utilizing tactics that  your clients respond to, such as working with holidays, seasons, moods, themes, and promotions.

After  playing around and making the best video that represents your business, get it on social media. With a fresh look from a video production company, with background knowledge on the latest and greatest and how to reach your audiences, your business will be able to share the information across social platforms.