Interactive Video Production: Engage And Keep Your Audience

Rome wasn’t build in a day; this old proverb holds true not only for an Empire, but also for many of today’s successful businesses. In this fast-paced, interconnected society, smart companies understand the need to compete for your attention. And are always on the lookout to build the next proverbial Colosseum, that will bind consumers to a brand, or product.

As any veteran gladiator would tell you (if such heroes still existed), the best way become successful is to become memorable. And this valuable trait can often only be achieved by being entertaining.

Attainment of success by providing amusement rings true not only for companies but also for individuals; as most successful products not only need to offer consumers large number of functions, but also have to provide entertainment in the process. To strive in the digital epoch, great entertainment often requires solid production services to become truly memorable. This may sound like a herculean task, but, unlike taming on a pack of frenzied lions unarmed, there is a specific preexisting tool perfectly suited for this job.

Can you guess what the tool may be?

No, it’s not a nifty net and trident combo. I’ll give you a hint: if done right, it’s captivating and many enjoy watching it on tiny screens. Often more than once.

Give up?

It’s Interactive Video Production.

Interactivity is a key factor to building not only brand awareness but also trust. Just like building a relationship, when a person receives feedback he or she is more engaged, and open to new experiences. Interaction urges development and growth, increasing self awareness and insight. By employing interactive and simple messages through the combination of text, graphics and moving images brands can – and often do – become integrated into a person’s life.

And the best part is… interactive videos tend to look great on small wireless devices. Devices that are able to receive broadcasts directly into consumers’ pockets. And millions of individuals happen to own at least one. (Bonus points if you’re reading this article using a cellphone.) Become your very own broadcast tower, and share the uniqueness of your brand with all the connected users.

Interestingly, vary few personal brands use interactive video production techniques to captivate and keep audiences. This is a significant loss of opportunity, since many of the everyday platforms are equipped to receive interactive videos. And, most importantly, include built-in feedback tools. Remember, in the digitally connected universe, you or your product can captivate your audience anywhere. Video game consoles, social media sites, apps, cellphones are all great platforms to receive your unique content. And the upcoming VR systems will surely open up doors to an even deeper stimulation of the senses.

Don’t delay, seek out a great video production company, to bridge the gap between your product and the user. Remember: A happy user can easily become an involved consumer. And an involved consumer will often broadcast his or her love of the product – becoming a true brand champion in the process. Scoring you a swift victory in the always-evolving digital arena.

Author: Tomasz Juszkiewicz