Sometimes, the best way to reinvent and streamline your scriptwriting is to take a helping hand. And when creativity is your forte, why not check if AI is up to the task? Sometimes, a friend in need is an AI indeed.

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is more than what most misunderstand it to be. Yes, we can’t make a perfect script with AI, but we can always improve and realign it to the brand’s needs using it. But how?

Corporate video production requires seamless scriptwriting, especially if the brand is active on social media. And with the help of AI, you can utilize several tools and technologies to refine your writing style. Using it, you can generate certain portions of your scripts. Moreover, you can tweak, edit, and revamp these portions in your style using the generated AI idea. 

The best part is that AI does not replace human scriptwriters. 

Ideation and conceptualization – the human mind’s asset cannot be denied. Rather, AI helps writers generate more content that they can work with and refurbish for fantastic content. To help you understand how AI is a scriptwriter’s friend, we have Twisted Frame, a renowned video production company in Toronto, Canada, to help introduce this nifty artificial buddy. 

So, are you ready to learn how to organically grow your brand’s social media presence organically with AI? Let’s begin sowing!

#1. Dialogues Get Better

As the saying goes, “Let him cook”

Sometimes, you have to let AI cook up something to blow you away. Scriptwriters are known for their prowess over words. While their ability to turn your vision into words is unparalleled, AI can come in handy as well. 

AI works alongside scriptwriters by analyzing the script and detecting errors right on-spot. Moreover, AI also suggests certain improvements you can sew into the script without spending hours brainstorming new concepts. 

But it doesn’t end here. AI also checks on the dialogue timing and pace, providing useful details on the script flow and directions. This means you don’t need to take several unnecessary shots to see how the line sounds and feels. AI can save time and offer you actionable suggestions. 

Meaning, that if you want an improved version of your script without wasting days to perfect it, then AI has your back. It’s an effective tool that takes the wheel and steers your script toward the company’s brand voice and a more cohesive piece to work with. 

All in all, AI does not write scripts the same way you do. The human touch is crucial for organic growth. But you can always use AI’s power to add the finishing touches to all your work. 

#2. Spells? Check!

Here’s the thing. Scriptwriters might have the power to weave beautiful scripts with a few simple words. But they are no wizards and witches. Which means, sometimes they can make unchecked spelling errors. 

And with writing the script, reformatting, and re-writing, it’s challenging to check your spells. Thankfully, AI can help out there too! Keeping an AI spellchecker active while writing online helps detect errors and initiate spellchecks right away. 

It’s a great way to write by not going back and forth to spell check and find errors after hours of hard work. Not to forget, these AI apps can also check for grammatical errors, clarification, and tonality. This way, you can tweak the work in the way you please. 

To understand this better, check out this corporate video in Toronto by Twisted Frame. It’s an ad for retaining products with an enthusiastic take. The video features a smooth-running campaign that showcases exciting offers and products. 

#3. Unclog the Writer’s Block

Some days, scriptwriters are as good as a drunk cab driver. Meaning they aren’t fit to drive in traffic. And that’s alright. We all have hard days when all feels off. But if we’re on the clock, a friend can come in handy. 

And who else is a bestie on your bad work hours than AI? With a quick click for prompts, you can have fun and plentiful suggestions that your brand needs. Not to forget, it’s quite a dopamine boost to get ideas right off the bat. 

While AIs cannot create original stories and scripts, they can certainly add little quips to your story, making it easy to brainstorm. Not to forget, you can always ask AI software for feedback on a current script and get inspiration to improve. Moreover, AI also helps to make scripts less challenging and more SEO-friendly for social media. So, if you’re having a non-creative day where your mind refuses to cooperate, you can always look to AI for some creative push. 

Make Video Productions Easy with Twisted Frame

In short, if you’re a scriptwriter, AI is a friend and not a foe. You can use it to revise, tweak, edit, and even add more relatable content to your work. In a way, it’s a business partner who totally gets your 1s and 0s.

So, worry not and utilize AI’s potential to make your life better. And for all your corporate video production needs, you can always check out Twisted Frame for top-notch professional services. Contact us today, for more information.