Leave no room for surprise after the video is made’ 

There are ‘surface-level’ questions that you (along with millions of others) would have already asked. 

  • Who is directing this video?
  • Can we see your earlier work reel? 
  • Which brands have you worked with? 

However, today we want to tell you about the questions (that often go un-asked), but the responses to which are crucial to decide the fate of your video and justify your investment in the video. Most are lazy to dig deep and ask it all. 

As a brand, you’ve invested and allocated video marketing budgets for a purpose – to meet a certain objective for your brand. It can be lead generation, sales, audience expansion and lot more. 

From our years of experience in video production, motion graphics and corporate animation, we’ve seen videos around sell, tank, reach a pause-point – only because certain questions weren’t asked. 

Let’s get straight to the questions which you just shouldn’t avoid asking (sincere request): 

#1 Have you understood the purpose of this video?

A lot of companies want to put up a video on their website/ sales landing page. Simply because – video receive a higher click-through rates than images or texts. 

In this process, they share all about themselves in their brief. The corporate video production agency notes it all and make a video. All points are beautifully presented. It’s a big green tick. Great!

Sadly, this is the perfect recipe for a video to fail. 

Most get it wrong. The video isn’t about ‘everything’ about the company. They don’t need to put everything in the video! It will only confuse the people watching it. 

The company has an objective that it wishes to achieve out of this video being posted on the website/ landing page or emailer. There is one purpose to it. 

  • Do you want the video to drive sales?
  • Do you want it to increase awareness about your product?
  • Do you want it to educate consumers?
  • Do you want it to increase followers?


The entire script needs to be written using this objective. So, do check with your agency ‘if they have understood the purpose of the video’.

Also, make sure you know the purpose well. It cannot be ‘everything’ at one-go.

#2 Can we get multiple edits (shorter duration) from the master file?

A lot of times you may require smaller clips for marketing purpose. Many companies think that this can be addressed after the video is made. After all, it’s just about slicing smaller chunks from the main video. 

Well, it’s not. So, don’t be surprised if a new quotation is raised (after the video is ready) along with your query. 

Video editing involves time, efforts and money – irrespective of the fact if it’s a small clip or longer video. Each requires equal attention. Smaller edits are also charged, and you need to know this beforehand. 

Let the production company know all deliverables required (master video, smaller cuts, how many, etc.) right in the start.  Only then, can they raise the cost in the initial stage itself. This way you can plan your budgets beforehand. 

So, do check up on the cost of multiple edits from your video production company in Toronto – right in the start.

#3 Where will the video be shot?

Ask this (right in the first week) to avoid delays! 

The locations of the shoot depend on the script. Many brands leave it till the very end (3-4 days prior to the shoot) to see the locations finalised by the video production company. (And if they don’t like it, it is too late to find a new place).

So, the shoot date gets inevitably pushed as a new location needs to be searched. The director & DOP need to prepare a new location blocking plan (what occurs where… in which corner of the space). The campaign dates get shifted. 

In short: a lot of effort and time is wasted in restructuring the plan. All teams undergo a delay. 

It’s best to tell your production house that you will like to see the pictures/ visuals of the location – before the main pre-production manual meet is held. 

At Twisted Frame, we’re transparent about all our video shoots. We don’t work on templates. Basis the brand’s objectives, we customise our approaches and solutions. 

Feel free to have a chat with us to upscale your business through our video production, animation and motion graphic services suited for your business objectives and customer’s behaviours patterns. 

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