With the technological advancements in recent years, it is no surprise that video marketing has skyrocketed as a popular way to promote products. In fact, even Fortune 500 companies have signed up for this type of advertisement because they know there’s simply nothing better out there.

86% of businesses now use video advertising in their marketing plans. This statistic shows that this form of advertisement has become a staple for many companies. Video ads can increase customer interest, the number of people who view it, and even conversion rates since they’re known to build credibility with potential customers when used correctly.

What Is Video Marketing?

It’s no wonder that YouTube is the first place many people think of when it comes to video marketing. The site has more than 1 billion hours worth of videos available and gets 75% more traffic as Facebook, making it a huge hub for content creators everywhere.

For years now, Youtube has been one of the top digital advertising platforms in terms of online viewership; they are number two after Google Ads itself with over half-a-billion unique monthly visitors worldwide every month across all devices!

YouTube isn’t the only platform for video marketing. Create content across many platforms to engage your audience and tell them what you have to offer!

After undergoing changes in the past 10 years, TV adverts are now almost obsolete.

People watched TV for decades before ads ever existed and they were able to enjoy their favorite show without interruption or distraction from a commercial message that might have nothing at all to do with what they’re watching! In the last decade though, there’s been major changes: this is due largely to people using internet-connected TVs which can download content like YouTube videos straight onto your screen when you want them.

The Science Behind Video Advertising

65% of people are visual learners. This is why one in five can identify a symbol before being able to read it, and visuals will always be the most powerful way we learn new concepts or ideas.

Visual learning styles make up over half of all types because 65% percent of individuals rely on their sight for information gathering techniques. Visuals have an advantage when identifying symbols without having any prior knowledge about them, as only 20% need auditory input first whereas 80% require kinesthetic interaction with the object before they recognize what its meaning may entail

Well, for most people the best way to take in content is through visuals. Specifically videos!

Humans are hardwired to intake information through visuals. This is because 90% of the transmission from our brain occurs when we see something rather than hear it or read about it.

Humans have a desire for visual content, which has led so many people being drawn in by pictures and videos on social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube where they can indulge their natural curiosity without having to sift through text.

The science is clear: video outperforms other formats when it comes to advertising. In fact, you can’t beat the power of a good video for grabbing attention and generating conversions!

Benefits of Video Advertising

Video marketing is an incredible way to tell a brand story and garner customer engagement. It’s been shown that video content has the strongest influence on viewers, which can translate into ROI for your business.

Video marketing allows companies to reach customers in compelling new ways – it provides them with fresh material they might not have seen before or something completely different from what their competitor offers. These benefits allow you (as a company) to differentiate yourself by using this form of advertising as opposed to other more traditional forms like print ads etcetera

When it comes to marketing, visuals are more powerful than text. Think about the last time you read a blog article and how much of it do you remember? Whereas having watched an advertisement on TV is much easier to recall in your mind’s eye.

Think back at any articles or posts that have stood out with clarity from memory versus advertisements for products that come through our screens periodically; which one stuck better in your head?

Google Loves Videos

A knock-on benefit of video marketing is how much Google loves videos. But have you ever wondered why? Well, the answer lies in their optimization algorithm – and this has given marketers across the globe a reason to rethink digital strategies as well! In short: when it comes to quality content on your website or social media page, don’t forget that visuals matter too! Social networks like Facebook make up huge shares of today’s internet traffic while sites like YouTube are also popular destinations for online users looking for new information about products they might want to purchase. Not only does visual imagery tell an interesting story but its more likely than not going to be seen by others browsing through search results pages which means all those hours spent perfecting logos will finally pay off.

Improve Brand Visibility

One of the best ways to ensure people find your content is by creating a variety. For instance, video can be used for “explainer videos,” or how-to’s about products you carry in order to create more related content around your brand and increase engagement with fans.

You want to create a content plan that is balanced and well-rounded. You should include certain types of posts, like inspirational quotes or images with your brand’s logo on it for branding purposes.

You have been putting in all this work building up your business through social media so you can reach customers organically but also get them invested into what goes on behind the scenes at company headquarters – now they see themselves as part of the team! Utilize tools such as Facebook Insights analytics which tell us “posts about our new products are more likely to generate likes than say updates about how we’re growing.”

Types of Videos to Try

So you’re ready to make a video advertisement, but what type of video should you start with? There are too many types and it will depend on your industry. We have some examples which perform well for small businesses though like the following: 

-Promotional videos that inform customers about products or services in an entertaining way; this is good if there’s not much competition around yet because newbies tend to be more impressed by such productions than seeing ads online. 

-Product demonstrations so potential buyers can see how easy they would use the product themselves as opposed -and finally we recommend explainer animations for those who want complex information broken down into short sections easier digestible through visuals.

Product Demo

When it comes to marketing your product, you’ll want to make sure that users are able to see just what they’re buying. Showing a quick video of the user’s experience can do wonders in getting potential buyers on board with whatever item is being sold!

You’ve got an idea for a new app or game? You need videos and photos showcasing its features as well as informative descriptions detailing how exactly everything works so people know whether or not this will be worth their time.

Here are some common problems that your audience will be facing and how to solve them!

Many people have trouble connecting with friends, family members, or even talking on the phone. Luckily you can always make time for human interaction by creating a video of yourself teaching viewers who want help understanding what they need to do in order to get out there and connect with others again.

I want to teach you about me and the work I do. Basically, my goal is for people to know what’s going on in their neighborhood; if they see something suspicious or out of place then I can investigate it!

I love watching TV crime dramas where detectives solve a murder that nobody could figure out, so when my Grandma said she had some money left over from her will because she was sick with cancer, we decided to make an investment into solving crimes like those.

Video advertising is a key part of any business’s marketing strategy. It allows businesses to reach more people and engage with their audience in an eye-catching way, but it can be time consuming if you do not have the skills or resources available internally. That’s why hiring Twisted Frame, Video Production Agency for your video needs makes sense – we’re experts at creating high quality videos tailored specifically for each client that will wow viewers across different platforms. We offer free quotes on all projects so get in touch today!