How to select music that can bring that wow factor to your video story.

Music is more powerful than we think it can move us. Music can be meditative while push us to take action. Music can invoke an idea or faith within us. Music can actually transport us to a different mind realm. For all these qualities, music is an eternal and inseparable part of video production in Toronto. 

Music is akin to an umbilical cord in the core of the video. Video production in Toronto is using music as a powerful way to drive its videos. Leonard Cohens song, Anthem, was recently performed by The Toronto Symphony Orchestra 

to celebrate the resilience of Canadian culture.  Seven dance companies across Canada also participated with the idea to find hope at a time of tribulation. This video project used an anthem with poignant lyrics, almost making it a social-media prayer. Similarly, music can be used in umpteen ways to drive your video message.  

Choosing the right music is key to deliver the brands message to audiences. Statistics estimate that videos will comprise for 82% of the webs traffic by 2022. Videos are already boosting lead generation and conversion.  Such video productions have well-thought out music structures. 

There is an ocean of music sites and resources to access music. Options are umpteen but how to select the best? How to select music that matters one that can do wonders to your video all in an affordable fashion?


Top #3 things to look for when finding a site for video stock music?

  • Does it have the spice of variety?

Every skilled video editor loves trying out (at least seven if not more) music tracks before finalising the one. The stock music website should not only have a vast bank to choose from, but also regularly upload new and fresh releases across genres. Stagnant music isnt doing good to any video ever. 

  • Interface Dynamics 

Video production is a lot about how it looks to the eye. Being visually appealing is a must-have quality. The website of a creative production studio speaks a lot. Similarly, a music website that understands the video world, will hold the same value of being visually appealing. It will have a seamless and easy-to-use interface. Clearly defined tabs for genres, moods, artists and latest releases are key interface points to check. 

  • Pricing model 

Stock music websites which cater to the video world will offer subscriptions that work out more cost-effective than single purchases. 


After deep analysis (on above three points) and practical usages, lets dive into the #3 affordable and creative music sites we circled. Heres why we place them on out top #3 list.


One-stopper of the lot! Right from digital videos, ads to corporate videos; has given us the exact kind of music we were looking for each type of video. 

What we liked:

  • It constantly uploads new releases from varied artists. In this sense, it almost always offers an unlimited music collection specifically suited for different video types (ads, explainers, corporate films, music themed videos, beauty videos, etc.).
  • It offers a plethora of filter options – moods, genres, artists, etc. – making is quite easy to filter what one has in mind
  • Simple regulations to subscription. Its all a one-time annual subscription fee. Thats it. Simple and nothing more to account for.  


  • Music Vine

This is not an explosion of songs, but all the songs on it are precisely and meticulously curated. The end result is that everything that is on the portal, it is pretty good. 

What we liked:

  • You can go for a single track or pick an annual subscription. Suit your needs and pocket. In this sense, it also offers various subscription models.
  • Its music filter engine is quite fast-paced. Try it out for yourself. You can get to your shortlist of music in almost no time. 
  • It is not simply a huge bank of music. Each song is creatively curated and lies in there for a purpose. 


  • Epidemic Sound

Epidemic is enormous. In addition to around 30,000 tracks, it houses around 60,000 tracks. It works well for storytellers as well as music enthusiasts. 

What we liked:

  • The pricing option is meant to cater to studios as well as enthusiasts. It offers three plans personal, commercial, and custom (basis your requirements for a TV show or one-off piece). Other than this, you can opt for single purchase too. 
  • We all have referencing in hand be it for art direction, lighting or even music. Epidemic Sound offers a find similar option which aids referencing by a great notch. 

Wed love to hear how youve been incorporating music into your video to tell your best story. Lets explore as to how you can communicate with your target audience and drive business with our Toronto based solution-oriented video production and motion graphic services. 

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