Holiday season is looking quite different. There are discussions about another possible lockdown in Toronto as well. 

Its high time for brands to realise that the concept of winning has changed for the better. Audiences are looking for real value, real connect and real assurance for their newly formed fears, behaviours and priorities. 

Fancy, dressed up video marketing doesnt have a lasting place anymore. Media agencies, video production companies and animation studios in Toronto are focusing on meaningful video marketing strategies for the holidays in 2020.

REMEMBER: People are willing to make purchases even during these holidays, its just that they need to know your product is doing some good to them. 

Lets look at the different ways that can help every brand gain traction, leads and sales through these 3 effective video marketing strategies. 

Heres how to make a REAL win. 

  • Sell real value instead of selling products

This holiday season, selling your products shouldnt be the objective.

You might think this is crazy.

Lets be frank. If thats still the approach, then you wouldnt probably make any sales. This holiday season, selling real value should be the objective. 

A video about a cake oozing with chocolate lava might really not make the cut. Desserts and drinks are indispensable in every holiday season.

However, a video showing how an over-packed work-from-home life (office work, home chores, kids, pets and so much more) can get tiring and a cake can stand as a mark of celebration for managing all of it so well. 

  • Stress on your remote capabilities in B2B videos

When it comes to B2B, you need to assess as to how can you reach your clients remotely. Digital marketing allows you to reach the investor or vendor. It can be via the web, online message or email. But more importantly, you need to be as capable as you were during your face-to-face pitches.

Digital videos bring in human touch qualities – of sight, sound and feeling the emotion and communication. Stress upon your companys remote designing capability such as, 

  • 3D technology
  • 24X7 customer support
  • Prompt online action

Explainer videos, motion graphic videos, seamlessly edited videos from early footage or stock footage are being strategized to highlight remote capabilities of products to investors. Real estate listings with a video have been receiving 403% more inquiries.

  • Hence, explain through digital videos

Now, the seller who is investing in digital technology holds an upper hand to serve his reshaped essentials and entertainment needs. Through digital scaling, the business can help him make his purchase from the comfort of his home. Marketing strategies are heavy using AI, interactive video production and digital video led tools. 

Banking technology is geared towards Natural Language Processing (NLP), serving customers via chatboxes and offering value-based investments. Early education is using Animation-led gamification and video content to promote its curriculum and help children learn. Fitness, yoga, dance and cooking studios are launching YouTube video channels to continue their classes. Automobile firms are launching digital showrooms. Mercedes Benz is allowing customers to see an AI led 360-degree interior view of the GLB SUV. Healthcare institutions are putting out digital video explainers, motion graphic videos to guide customers through tele-consultations.

  • Explore 9:16 vertical videos

You may have seen the trio video in the basement (The Basement Gang) or the University of Toronto professors cat on TikTok. 

With most people staying at home, crowds are insanely active on social media. 

Shooting your digital videos in 9:16 vertical format is a good choice, considering the humungous social media traffic. 

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