Video can do so much more than engage. Videos can help sell. It can be every salesperson’s best friend. 

Video has surely transformed how businesses sell and consumers purchase in Toronto. In this light, the role of the salesperson has also modified. 

Today’s salesperson is frequently using video as a driving tool to connect, pitch, push, support and delight target audiences. 

Let’s see how corporate video production offers multiple types of videos to help salespersons sell like crazy.

#1 Medical videos – simplified

A handshake is exchanged when people on both side of the table are ‘all clear’. Precisely, when they understand each other completely. 

The major concern in the medical field is the complexity of medical concepts – be it for investors, nurses or students. 

Business videos help break down these concepts for potential clients in a simple, engaging and straightforward way. Right from videos for product walkthroughs for doctors, improving patient engagement to medical video training for medical students. 

Here’s a detailed read of how animation studios in Toronto are benefitting the healthcare industry. Healthcare brands are using different corporate animation styles to drive objectives. It’s not surprising to know that the market size of animation is estimated to rise from US$ 247 million in 2020 to US$ 272.1 million by 2026

Check out a few of our business videos for the healthcare sector for brands such as Octapharma, Takeda, Uresta and many more. 

#2 How-to videos/ Knowledge-based videos

Marketing and sales teams are fondly resorting to producing knowledge based videos for their customers. How-to videos are offering the unique value of ‘self-reliance’ and dropping doubts. 

How do skip calling a technician and install that water filter by yourself? How to you answer your client’s queries on the recent software update? How to you help your patient sign-up for a tele consultation? Where is the ‘moratorium’ section on the updated bank page? 

The simple truth is that a video helps you explain it all. Explainer videos are aimed to communicate the problem-to-solution journey. Once doubts are clarified, it helps customers form trust and loyalty with the brand, encouraging lead generation.

At Twisted Frame, we’ve been making several how-to videos to explain complex concepts in a simple, fun and straightforward manner

#3 Support videos aka training videos

New recruitments always require training. In remote/ WFH environments, training videos can successfully guide every employee and equip them with the necessary skills, process and more. 

Training videos are a wonderful way to train sales staff to pitch, present and perform. 

Here are a few quick tips to make an impactful video aimed to drive sales 

  1. Let the video voice the problem. And offer solutions for the problem. 
  2. Videos aimed to sell reflect on your brand and quality of products/ services as well. This is why it is important to make sure that the video production quality is high-end.
  3. Highlight key offerings, USPS in a creative manner; instead of simply pounding the viewer with figures. 
  4. Pick your video style wisely (live-action, motion graphics, 2D animation, white board animation). This needs to work for the person you’re pitching to. 
  5. Don’t miss out on this effective 3-point guide for corporate video production in Toronto.

Video is a versatile, fun and engaging mode to communicate information from one person to another. The best thing about video is that it isn’t going away anytime soon. The secret of any effective video is not how well it can sell, but how well it can display a positive value for the viewer.  At Twisted Frame, we’ve constantly been producing videos to get out versatile messages of multiple brands to their ‘newly shaped’ consumers in the COVID era.