It just struck me as to how a video made up for a cancelled Toronto wedding due to the pandemic. Darrell and Shannon Faria made a cool Toronto-themed elopement’ music video to celebrate their unconventional wedding. Rapping along, they showcase some of the popular Toronto spots like the Royal Ontario Museum, Graffiti Alley and a lot more. 

The power of video is unimaginable. A video done correctly can make a business sale. An entertaining video can brighten up a gloomy day. And now, a video can also make up for a cancelled wedding. 

However, the power of video can only be extracted if its not left lost in the huge abyss of the web new videos being posted almost every few seconds. Innumerable video production companies and animation studios are executing videos. But, only making a video and posting it in the open doesnt ever bring results. 

This is when, as a brand, you may be struggling with questions and doubts such as Why arent my viewers turning into customers? Is the video story not good enough? Is there a gap in communication?

With our years of video experience, trials, innovative ideations, timely adaptations and executions, weve understood some proven techniques. Lets show you to do it right and transform your viewers into customers. After all, higher ROI is what everyone is aiming for. 

# Do it right in the first 3-seconds. If not, dont do it at all. 

This point has to be noted by every video production company in the video scripting stage itself.

Whats your hook? 

Studies and analytics show that the first three-seconds for a Facebook video ad determines its value. 47% of this value comes from the first 3 seconds. If their attention is captured now, it increases chances for them to hear the messaging/C-T-A and be led to a purchase. 

Very few will watch the video till the very end. For this reason, the hook needs to appear in the first 3 seconds. Use visuals, dialogues or a crazy opening shot to capture the viewers’ attention so that they can go onto watch the video for at least 45 seconds. Make sure your messaging appears in the first 45 seconds. 

Heres an example of the Grease Musical Video.

Twisted frame bagged the contract to create a musical animated promo video to promote the coming of the renowned musical show, Grease in Toronto. The first-3 seconds show stellar shots of the Ford. We designed this ravishing beauty from scratch and made it a significant part of the storyline as it travelled across Toronto. Within 10 seconds, the word Grease appears on the street and neon-board telling viewers that this is about the arrival of the legendary musical show, Grease. 

#2 Keep captions and text conversational in tone. Unless, you want to be unattainable. 

Forming a community is key to go onto make sales. This helps conversations going wherein the brand comes across as friend, rather than an unattainable pole. 

  • Use the text as if two people are conversing in a friendly, receptive matter. 
  • Bring in emotions into the video language. 
  • Call-to-actions must show genuine concern and care. And not be presented as if youre only worried about your sales. The below example (opting for A as opposed to B) shows this. 


A.   Dial 416-XY to protect your family with an insurance
B. Buy an insurance now.


#3 Welcome emotions in your tempo 

While filming fiction, there is a director giving constructive directions to evoke drama. However, if we observe non-fiction narratives or documentaries, there is little scope to generate drama while filming. High impactful moments definitely exist (say, how a village addressed their water problem or how a man tutored 21 kids for engineering coaching – free of cost) but these can be lost if not conveyed with apt editing. 

If placed at their original tempo in the timeline, their intensity and the impact that the documentary can create can be lost. With sync temp, one can artificially add time and space. 

Add shots that can be in sync to a voiceover. Say, while the man speaks about his struggle to find funding to set up a school in the village; show shots that can best depict that. While this happened in the past and there is no way to recreate, place mood shots of the man showing him pensive or working hard. 

The voiceover too should enhance each word. Build up onto the line which finally reveals the solution statement.

In addition to these, here are 5 secrets of video editing in 5 minutes which can truly help your video be a game-changer. 

Quick Tip

Include the video in other formats- such as website, emails. The click-rates of emails with integrated video is much higher. Also, using the word video in the subject line has helped achieve higher click-through rates.

Let’s have an honest chat as to how your videos can be created and targeted to transform viewers into clients through Twisted Frame’s Toronto based video editing, video production, animation and motion graphic services.