Seeing my friends’ snow flurry stories on Instagram, I learn that some parts of Canada have already got their first taste of winter. Somehow the winters have been associated with cosily staying indoors and binge-watching shows. Probably- this time even more due to the pandemic. 

With dipping temperatures in Toronto, there is an increase in video content as I scroll through IGTV. 

I realise that most of the video content had been majorly executed probably a year or two ago, and is being published again in a ‘repurposed’ format. 

Repurposing – is the smart need of the hour. Brands are actively working with video production companies and animation studios to repurpose video content for an audience of the new era. 

In the new era, consumers have new priories, new anxieties, new fears and new routines. 

We actively think more about 

– our immunity, 

– our paranoia about a gathering, 

– our responsibilities towards our family’s health, 

– our routine-shifts due to the work-from-home culture.

The consumers acquired way back clearly holds new behaviours today.

Let’s see how can video content be repurposed to suit the consumer with ‘new’ behaviours. 

#1 Use your broadcasted ad as digital confetti

A report by Sandvine states that the overall internet traffic has grown at unprecedented highs during the pandemic. 58% of all online traffic is coming from video streaming. 

Using an ad (originally made as a TVC once upon a time), can be edited to suit digital mediums. 

  • Work on the length to suit the chosen digital channel. (Instagram, YouTube, Facebook)
  • Messaging can be tweaked through the help of dynamic text messaging and editing visuals.

Right from the power of text, temp and slow-mo; here is an interesting blog article showing 3 video editing that can boost marketing for brands.

What is the cherry on this brownie?

An ad made for broadcast is surely high-quality. Using this high-quality content on digital mediums gives an edge. 

#2 Using videos to explain complex concepts

Gatherings and showroom visits aren’t encouraged just about anywhere. Industries such as finance, insurance, healthcare immediately require video to conduct training for staff and awareness for customers. In this light, video serves as a great medium to communicate training and awareness. 

Creating an explainer using earlier shot live-action footage interlaced with motion graphics is a great way to represent a video.

Here’s an example of the RCB mortgage video produced by Twisted Frame. Have a look to see how complex concepts are presented in an engaging manner.

#3 Getting into the customers’ pocket: Editing 16:9 to 9:16

Advertisers are swearing by the technique of getting into the pockets of customers – that’s where the mobile phone resides often. 

The complete shutdown of outdoor entertainment had led people to carry their mobile phones even into the loo. More than 75% of video content is being viewed on the mobile screen. Due to this consumption pattern, brands are preferring to shoot and present their content in the 9:16 upright vertical fashion. It is also reported that 88% of marketers report success from using Instagram videos.

The idea behind 9:16 stays that it is ‘striking sans distractions’. The shot fills up the entire screen with one point of focus. 

It simply negates any distractions or options to click anywhere else. Production homes are storyboarding and planning shoots to shoot specifically in the vertical format instead of 16:9.

We’ve recently been working with several brands to repurpose their videos to generate leads and sales. And the below two points sum it all.

  1. Why let all the earlier spends of a brand to invest in video or animation production go down the drain? 
  2. In addition, customers have gained new behaviours and priorities. Strategies need to be repurposed to deliver value to customers. This makes repurposing a powerful, efficient and cost-effective strategy for any brand. 

Let’s have a chat as to how your business can leverage from repurposing video content for social media through Twisted Frame’s  Toronto based video editing, video production, animation and motion graphic services. 


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