Current events are drastically affecting businesses and their consumer reach and client reach. With a second-wave of lockdown in Ontario, marketers are again scrambling to keep up. Reaching consumers has no doubt been challenging. As a video production house and animation studio in Toronto, well like to speak for what we’ve personally witnessed. Weve seen brands connecting better with their consumers during this time through corporate animation. 

The popularity of business animation dates back to 2006, when it was primarily used for medical education. Professors hand-drew complex concepts onto the black or whiteboard, and cameras were placed to record the scribbles in a lecture hall.  Corporate animation has yet again worked its steady charm in 2020. It has proved to be a dynamic and aggressive tool during remote operations in the pandemic. Its effectiveness to target B2C and B2B has brought worthy results due to several factors. 

Lets look at how as a business, you can further leverage the power of corporate animation in 2021. The beauty is that lockdown or no lockdown, the power can be leveraged as it can operate remotely through screens. 

  • Animation > live action for promotional video

A study indicated that above 90% of business decision makers rely on some form of video content during their decision-making process. 

Now, why exactly is corporate animation better for your promotional video?

  1. Lets be frank. The lockdowns and social distancing restraints curb live-action shoots to a great extent. This trend might go on until mid of 2021. 
  2. Business decision makers are crunched for time. When they open your e-mail, a vibrant or funny promotional video is worth their time than a long live-action corporate film showing your establishments, members and processes.

Heres an animation video for Excelitas X-Cite LED Promo . Through lively and bright relatable characters, we showcased the problem – the constant need to change fluorescent lamps.  Animation allowed us to present a quick solution in the narrative without wasting too much time on establishment. The solution was – switching to LED to undo a constant effort of changing bulbs. This type of video strategy can proudly be used across the years (or, say until the full world switches to LED). 

Excelitas X-Cite LED_Promo:

  • Corporation animation that can simplify life in 2021

Sales approaches have changed 10X. Its no more about presenting a product and making a sale. Its about presenting a product that simplifies life. 

The same simplicity must also exist in your pitch. The complex explanation of your product will only drive prospective buyers away. On an emotional level, people are already filled with day-to-day stresses of the pandemic. If your product doesnt hit (communicate clearly) the first time, then its a goodbye from prospects.

Animation helps keep it simple. Even complex medical concepts are simplified and presented in a straightforward fashion through medical explainers. We used animation in this medical educational video for Octapharmas product: Nuwiq. In order to highlight Octapharma’s haemophilia R&D and how it is improving treatment for patients, we used dynamic 3D models, compositing and animation. We depicted complex ideas such as how Factor VIII works in the blood stream and its interaction with proteins. Our team of creative animators and designers showcased assets such as antibodies, role of Factor VIII and Nuwiq in the simplest yet creative manner for better understanding of all healthcare providers.

Octapharmas Nuwiq_medical educational video:

When it comes to consumers, animation helps keep audiences entertained during their viewing experience and search for solutions for presented problems. 

  • Scope to plug in statistics and charts seamlessly 

All of us have attained new behaviours during this time. Were more careful about our monetary spends, we give more importance to hygiene and health, we spend more time indoors. 

Our new habits have also made us skeptical during any purchase. We think more. We look for verifications, guarantees and reviews. Sharing results with the consumers is a smart move in2021. But, its important to note that this is done in an attractive fashion.

Animated and explainer videos allow one to seamlessly add in charts, customer reviews, statistics in a receptive fashion. And its true, no one likes seeing these figures in live-action videos. 

  • Pitchman is a receptive character instead of human salesman

Do you remember the last ad that popped up on your YouTube? Companies like Google and other market players are using animated videos for their businesses and consumer pitches. The first pitch is by a character and not a real human. 

As mentioned earlier, all of us have grown a little skeptical. Were not very welcoming of direct sales calls and meetings. However, when the pitch maker is an animated character instead of a real human, this opens us up to listen to the idea. 

Once our interest is affirmed, we happen to speak or meet the real people. 

Give it a thought. During the middle of the stressful workday, do you rather hear from an animated, fun and bright looking character or a suited-smiling-face?

2021 is another chance to boost business sales by using lessons learnt from 2020. Corporate animation, as a marketing tool, worked effectively for most businesses. It could resonate with the new habits of the consumers, new needs of businesses and remote ways of video production homes and animation studios. Drop a line to Twisted Frame and wed love to execute a powerful video for your business objectives in 2021.