You tune into YouTube to watch a how-to corporate video to fix your washing machine. A ton of video ads bombard you. 

You skip most. 

Isn’t it?

Let’s take another scenario wherein you’re fairly more relaxed. The washing machine isn’t your primary concern. 

As you log into your social media account, you’re swamped with videos from brands. You prefer to ignore most.

Why isn’t any video getting your attention? 

Before you think it’s because there are just too many videos out there in Toronto. Well, that’s not the reason. There are too many shoes, bags, food items out there – and yet people pick them up. Too much of anything isn’t the reason. 

The truth is that most videos aren’t worthy of the viewer’s attention. They don’t have enough value and this is why they don’t deserve viewers’ attention or time. 

It’s only when a video provides value, it stands apart from the crowd. 

Let’s see how exactly you can add value to your corporate videos and make them worthwhile for your target audience. 

#1 Keep your opening shot as good as a bulls eye shot

The reality is that you may need to pick from a lot of previously shot footage to make your next video. Make sure your opening shot is the hook for your entire video. The first 10 seconds matter a lot. 

Its good to drop a hint of what they can expect from the video: is it a fun story, thriller tale or emotional piece. 

You can also present a problem-solution type story wherein the first shot reveals the problem/pain-point being faced by your customer (Do you want to protect your familys health?) then present them with the apt solution—your product or service. Typography is the tool to pick here. 

The options in the content space have been rising by the day. Online traffic analytics have been surging ever since the lockdown. 45% of people are watching more than an hour of videos on Facebook or YouTube per week. This also increases the chances of audiences tuning out if they dont find the content interesting or useful right from the first shot. 

#2 Your video need not be ‘viral’ or funny. It rather is entertaining or educative

Every ‘viral video’ doesn’t sell. Get this ingrained. 

It’s not necessary that the video ‘has to’ go viral, or be funny – to help towards a transaction. 

The video needs to meet either of the two purposes:

  1. Entertain the viewer thoroughly. This helps the customer remember the brand – for longer. The story goes onto play on his mind or he is driven to follow your brand. All these acts bring him one step closer to purchase.
  2. Educate the viewer. If the video can address any of the problems of the viewer in an effective manner, then it’s a deal maker. For instance, rather than simply showing the features of a bike, how can the bike make the viewer enjoy life more?

Or, how can I free myself from the constant fusing of bulbs in a lab? Let’s see how this video executed by Twisted Frame addresses it.

#3 Use animation to help customers visualise better

So, you need to place a bulk order for cargo boxes. Can you view samples remotely? Absolutely yes.

Architecture and design are leveraging the power of animation, 3D modelling to deliver ‘visualisation’ to customers. Creative videos help people understand and visualise the product. 

A multitude of global industries such as automobile, packaging, interior design have opted for animated and motion graphic videos to explain their products and ideas to clients and investors.

#4 A story is better than a hard-sell CTA

You must have heard EVERYONE say how Call-To-Actions (CTAs) are cardinal. You must have even read it on our earlier blogs.

But, a ‘hard-selling CTA’ is quite damaging. Viewers don’t like to be pushed. The best video production has stories that can connect with the target audience. Videos that are harping about the brand, more than the value for the customer — they are simply shunned away.

‘Template video strategies’ just don’t work anymore. It’s key to adapt to new changes and new behaviours of consumers. At Twisted Frame, we’ve constantly been adapting to the new voice of video & consumers’ revised patterns of behaviour in Canada.

Feel free to have a chat with us to upscale your business through our video production, animation and motion graphic services suited for your business objectives and customer’s behaviours patterns.