Let’s say you’ve finally brainstormed the perfect product for your business. It’s suave, unique, and speaks to the target audience. Now the question is, how to make it reach this group of potential enthusiasts?

The answer lies in high-quality video ads! In this era of competitive online marketing, you can finesse almost any prospective client with corporate video marketing. And the secret ingredient to such video production is making your product look like a rockstar. 

Think about it. A rockstar is captivating, always on demand, and an ever-energizing presence for everyone. The moment you add these magic spells to your video production concoction, you have a fully booked show.

To make such corporate videos thrive on social media, you need a professional helping hand. That’s why, Twisted Frame, a Toronto-based dynamic video production company, is here to spill the secrets to convert a simple product ad into an unforgettable online presence.

#1. Who is The Vendee for Your Video Ad?

A crucial part of creating video ads is to know your audience. Who do you want to be invested in your idea? Let’s imagine you have a fantastic food container prototype that’s easy to hold food/drinks in while driving. 

It’s biodegradable, 100% spill-free, and made with food-safe materials. Now the question is, who is your target market?

  • People with cars, or
  • Fast food brands with a drive-thru?

The answer here is drive-thru fast-food chains. There are 19,000+ fast food brand chains out there, and each has at least a million customers who consume products per day country-wide. Out of this million, over 70% opt for curbside pick-ups, delivery apps, and drive-thru. 

This means that your prototype has more utility and unit-selling capacity with fast-food brands than regular customers. This logic comes in handy in curating an ad video production that magnets in possible investors who will empty your shelves in no time and have a constant demand for your product. 

Hence, always create ad videos with the client in mind. 

#2. Create a Meaningful Tagline


Every internationally and critically acclaimed brand out there has a tagline. You can’t help yourself but say/think, “Das Auto!” when you hear or see the word Volkswagen. 

Imagine the hold a good tagline can have on you. A well-curated tagline makes a brand memorable. For that to happen, it needs to be catchy, short, and have a rhythm to it. 

Let’s imagine your product idea to be 3D printers. Thanks to the rising popularity of D&D, action figures, and collectibles, 3D printing is always in demand. People want high-quality and affordable figures of all their favorite heroes. 

Your 3D printer brand can have a fun tagline like, “(X Brand): Turn 1s & 0s to Your Fav Heroes”

This line has a beat, is catchy and rhythmic, and utilizes relatable terms to grab your attention. It highlights what your product does, showcases the excitement of creating something quickly, and promises continuous production of desired items. 

When creating an ad for your 3D printers, you can showcase what your product creates from mere codes and their high-quality finish and add the tagline at the end to seal your prospective deals. 

#3. Design Your Video Ads

What makes an ad most memorable? For starters, its colors. Your colors need to sync with the advertised products. For example, if you want to advertise vegan burgers, you need green, a dash of light pink, and some toned-down hues to showcase freshness in your foods. 

Similarly, for gemstone wholesale marketing, you need clear backgrounds and concentrated bright colors to portray the sparkles and shine of these precious stones. But these are not the only things that make video ads appealing. 

The ad needs a clear message on its benefits, long-term use, and overall utility. We’ve all been victims of the first part of every scent brand ad. For a few seconds, no one knows what’s happening, and suddenly, there’s a bottle of perfume on the screen. 

Vagueness kills marketing, especially when your business is targeting potential investors. Hence, ensure to design of product ads with high-quality visuals, vibrant hues, and clarity on what it is. 

Additionally, why go for one ad when you can divide it into segments? Instead of a single blockbuster ad, you can break it into multiple categories like:

  • Pre-launch ad
  • Launch-day ad
  • Seasonal or Promotional ads

This way, your brand always stays relevant and shows its promise to always serve its consumer base. And being relevant and promising is always eye-catching to potential shareholders. 

#4. All Good. But What Else?

When presenting your products to bigger brands, your video production has to show more than just the product itself. Yes, your brand has utility, and yes, it has long-term usability, but what’s something extra that gives you those positive nods?

The answer is offered! You need an ad video that prompts consumers to buy your product right away. This way, you give them no time for second thoughts or to sleep over your business. Such offers could be:

  • Free shipping
  • Discounts on bulk
  • Competitive rates
  • Free trial products

When backers see a growing brand with the potential to draw in more business, it’s a win-win for all parties. Plus, the word ‘free’ is by far the most powerful term in the marketing world. It makes heads turn, fingers click, and products fly off your shelves in minutes!

And the best moment to put these offers in an ad is near the end. This way, everyone gets to concentrate on your presentation and then see exciting deals that come with your proposal. 

Now, all you’re left to do is make your products available for prompt presentations. 

Let’s Help You Out Today With Your Video Ad

In short, knowing your potential backers, understanding the power of catchy phrases, utilizing a brand color and styles, and offering exciting deals can make your product video ads shine through.

Now, taking care of all these criteria for corporate video productions can be a bit overwhelming. Thankfully, a bit of professional help can go a long way in building brand recognition. So, if you want customized videos for your brand production ads and video editing services for social media, check out Twisted Frame Video Production Services in Toronto today.