Post-production is the most crucial part of the corporate film-making process. There are various steps to capture the perfect result that boosts brand recognition. Now, what are some extra bits you can incorporate to make these corporate videos more interesting?

We must remember that seamless corporate video production can make or break the brand’s identity. You need professional video editing, sound mixing, and graphic designing to bring out the brand’s vision. 

For that, Toronto-based Twisted Frame has compiled a list of tips that can ease out your post-production process and turn a simple video ad into an unforgettable visual masterpiece. Let’s check them out.

Video Production Tips for Your Post-production Needs

Tip #1. Organize, Eliminate, and Overcome Bad Footage

Strategizing is the key goal of video footage management. Post-production begins with 100s of unnecessary bad footage, ill-fit for public consumption. So, what’s the best way to deal with it?

Instead of drowning in unwanted pixels, start by filtering out the bad footages that serve no purpose to your post-production tasks. You can start by:

  • Numbering your files which contain these unwanted video and audio bits
  • Extract bits that have potential in the final edit
  • Create a different filing system for required footage and organize them separately from all the unnecessary stuff. 

Now, you might ask yourself, which footage is fit for elimination? Here are a few examples to help you out:

  • Irrelevant footage that doesn’t sync with the ad
  • Scenes that last too long
  • Footages with excessively loud music
  • Poorly-edited bits, etc. 

If such video portions catch your attention, consider them worthy of elimination. 

Tip #2. Attention to Detail, Always

What makes a well-thought-out corporate ad so appealing on social media? Attention to detail. The correct details capture the audience’s attention and also communicate the call to action more effectively. 

Let’s take the example of the Eleven Store USA commercial, shot by Canada’s Twisted Frame. Its visuals are well-articulated, with the most attention to detail on the actual product. 

The video captures the beauty of the shoes, their production process, their durability, and their available vibrant shades. Within 1:30 minutes, the ad encapsulates all there is to know about these sporty sneakers without adding too much or too little to the brand’s product showcase. 

With current viewers’ short attention spans, small videos with to-the-point clips are more effective in capturing the benefits of a brand’s services. Make sure to add some relatable audio, visuals, and the best editing services to your post-production tasks for maximum efficiency.

Tip #3. Background Noises are a Must (Not!)

Imagine completing your video editing process only to find the most crucial shot has some background of someone sneezing or someone talking to the producer. 

Things as minor as these issues can completely jeopardize the post-production of corporate videos. It’s mandatory to have 0 background noises to eliminate such issues. So, here are some tips to keep your ad’s audio out of trouble:

  • Use noise-cancelling microphones to speak during shoots
  • Try finalizing a noise-free environment to shoot your videos
  • Try recording the audio and the video separately (if possible)
  • Test out your shooting location before taking the final video for production 
  • Ask your team to keep noise at a minimum. Remember, teamwork is dream work

Sometimes, it’s impossible to find locations with completely muted backgrounds. But with time and experience, you can always tweak out an area to keep all the noises at bay. 

Tip #4. Go with the Flow

Now, THIS is where all your necessary bits from the unnecessary footage come in. All you need is to know what ‘jump cuts’ are. 

‘Jump cuts’ is a process where you cut a short in two and remove a bit from the middle, making it look more in sequence and contextual. It not only helps repair unnecessary bits but also adds more relatability to the corporate advertisement. 

Implementing jump cuts in post-production can add more flow to your corporate videos and cover up mistakes you don’t want your audience to see. 

During the post-production phase, you also might come across the white balance issue. White Balance in video editing means adjusting any unwanted colour casts to make the video more visually appealing. 

While watching the Safeway video advertisement by Twisted Frame, you might notice the quick and seamless transitions between scenes as well as realistic shots that make the ad come to life. 

Get Ready to Amp Your Video Post-Production Today

While these are a few of many different ways of improving your post-production process, you can always brainstorm other creative ways to add efficiency. 

Post-production is the most expensive part of creating corporate videos. The frequency of video editing, motion graphics work, shooting, compiling, and finalizing needs steady hands, eyes, and minds behind the scenes. 

And for this, you can always place your trust in Toronto-based Twisted Frame to take your post-production to the next level. Contact them today and make your corporate video production an interesting affair.