Have you got your Digital Video Marketing Wand?

Observe for a moment. Observe whats happening around you. The consumer is glued to his phone watching video content. The salesman is trying to make his pitch via digital mediums. Healthcare is investing in tele-routes. As we observe a once-in-a-lifetime change, its a crucial time to digitally sow the growth seeds for your business. Video analytics are witnessing an increased adoption in business already. Estimates indicate that video will account for over 82 percent of all internet traffic by 2021.

Lets look into how one can leverage the digital platform and digital video to make a comeback with their business. 

Touch base with your reshaped consumer

No one could imagine that barely three-months could change a humans mindset drastically. Well, thats how the script of life panned out. Lets re-assess your consumer. His demands and priority charts have reshaped. His finances are geared towards essentials, health and wellbeing of family. He shops via online means. He prefers his entertainment at the comfort of his home. If you can successfully address the new consumer, youve hit the bulls eye. 

How to sell?, asks the seller

Begin by undoing most earlier ways to sell. 

You need to assess as to how can you reach your consumer remotely. Digital marketing allows you to reach the investor or vendor. It can be via the web, online message or email. But more importantly, you need to be as capable as you were during your face-to-face pitches.

Digital videos bring in human touch qualities – of sight, sound and feeling the emotion and communication. Remote designing capability and project e-mapping are being stressed upon. Sample orders for merchandise is being designed via 3D technology be it clothes or boxes. Real estate listings with a video have been receiving 403% more inquiries.

Explainer videos, motion graphic videos, seamlessly edited videos from early footage or stock footage are being strategized to explain the USP of products to investors. 

Get into the digital savvy seller club 

Now, the seller who is investing in digital technology holds an upper hand to serve his reshaped essentials and entertainment needs. Through digital scaling, the business can help him make his purchase from the comfort of his home. Marketing strategies are heavy using AI, interactive video production and digital video led tools. 

Banking technology is geared towards Natural Language Processing (NLP), serving customers via chatboxes and offering value-based investments. Early education is using Animation-led gamification and video content to promote its curriculum and help children learn. Fitness, yoga, dance and cooking studios are launching YouTube video channels to continue their classes. Automobile firms are launching digital showrooms. Mercedes Benz is allowing customers to see an AI led 360-degree interior view of the GLB SUV. Healthcare institutions are putting out digital video explainers, motion graphic videos to guide customers through tele-consultations. 

Identify already booming digital platforms to advertise

Studies indicate that two in three advertisers will shift money away from their TV budget to fund their digital video advertising. This further can attract improved ROI and higher profit margins. 

With online traffic on a steady surge, an increased observance of playing video games and e-sports has been recorded. Relatable brands such as protein beverages, clothing merchandise, grocery units, sports gear brands are running short, consumable ads on these gaming portals to not take away the gaming experience from the gamer. These video ads can simply be incorporating stylised text, or a montage of stock videos with peppy music.

Is digital daunting? Don’t be afraid to fail. 

It can seem quite a lot to learn in a short period of time. But we need to accept that the route to initiate, grow and expand business with all safety is the digital route. The beauty of digital is that the reach is limitless. Your average user is pending 88% of his time in the digital world you simply need to make an entry. Any new concept involves time, effort, undying spirit and patience to build and reap results. Lets not forget – the courage to take failure. Simply hit relaunch. This pandemic has taught us that life is all about re-shaping and not giving up, no matter what. 

At Twisted frame, weve constantly been implementing and adapting to the new voice of digital video. Wed love to hear from you if you’ve introduced any new digitally-inclined business revisions in the wake of COVID-19. 

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