Brands need storytelling more than ever to connect with their audiences. Video has already helped brands build awareness, engagement and conversions. However, it’s not always feasible for a brand to shoot a corporate video day in and out. Costs! Due to the costs involved in putting together a location, actors, equipment and more – many brands end up making very few videos for marketing.

And the audience wants more.

This is when different types of videos that don’t need to be shot come into play. Let’s dive into them.

  • Character animation to communicate emotive storytelling

If you want to say a story with powerful emotions intact and are worrying about the scenario of live shoots. Fret not. Character animation delivers emotions that can roll tears as well as smiles. It gives the flexibility to illustrate people, elements, and assets. So build your set and sketch your protagonist. All in the comfort of a desktop. 

Now, let’s talk about the ‘power’ of characters. Having characters helps give birth to emotions in audiences. Of course, animated characters like the ones in a Toy Story movie come at high costs, but that’s not the only option. 

For tighter pockets, motion graphics, stick figures, 2D characters can be created to brew a range of emotions. 

Check out these examples.

  • Text-based videos to keep the attention

Text-based videos help keep the eyes on the video and read every word carefully to string the message you are conveying. A contrasting visual behind the text can help concentrate on the description. For example, a darker background can help read lighter fonts. So, a brown moving visual for beige texts on screen can certainly keep the viewers reading every short text that the visual graphics created!

And you may ask where the visuals will come from. You can resort to stock footage videos or use videos that you may have previously shot.

Apple has almost made this style a staple in most of its videos. Another example is by Ford, or this student’s film. Both rank high in engagement value. 

  • Infographics to present facts

You must already be familiar with this. But here’s a question. 

Ever wondered why some businesses with great-performing numbers have lost pitches? Don’t be surprised to know it’s been only due to complicated presentations.  

Facts are damn important. But the presentation of facts is an art. Every business likes to share its upscaling numbers to receive funding. Teams within organizations need to justify their spending, present performances and a lot more. 

If your business pitch is inclined more on the ‘numbers’ front, then infographics can deliver all your values in quick, easy-to-understand visually appealing summaries. 

Infographics help exhibit facts in a visually receptive manner, helping information to be absorbed quickly and in a hassle-free manner.

Here’s an example for you.

  • Whiteboard animation to simplify jargon 

Got a Christopher Nolan movie like ‘layered’ business idea or operation? Might as well simplify it for B2B.

You must have seen a hand sketching out the storyline. Or sometimes, magically a sketch is unfolding before the eyes with a marker onto a whiteboard surface. This is whiteboard animation.

Now, whiteboard animation is extremely useful to deliver complex processes and messages in a simple fashion. For instance, this video explains complex, numerically-charged insurance. It’s almost like the narrator is holding the audience’s hand and helping him/her understand the product. This works well for investor pitches to showcase phase-wise growth and trends. 

This style helps simplify jargon. This is quite powerful as even a tad bit of jargon can disengage the customer or lead them to hit the cross icon. 

And lastly, know your audience

Create original content, and a perfect USP is only possible when you know your target audience. It can help you ideate corporate videos that resonate with potential clients.

There are many ways to research them. They are through surveys, checking website visit rates, most-clicked products, and reviews. By using these tools, you can create interactive visuals that are comprehensive, simple and show your brand as a reputable investment. 

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