With so much changing in the digital landscape…. 

Consumers are ever-evolving. Their idea of entertainment, routines and patterns are ever-changing. For instance, a consumer loved to go to the movie theatre every weekend until the year 2020. However, today, he prefers to watch movies in the comfort of his home. He might head to the movie hall once in a blue moon. Similarly, purchasing behaviors have been changing. Many users are trying to purchase through the screen. Close to 50% of online users search for product videos before they make a purchase. Staying relevant to the customer is more relevant than ever before.

…. creativity needs to play a bigger role.  

Evaluate your behaviors. You will notice that a lot of your plans, routines, and thoughts have been revised since the past. At Twisted Frame, we’re all about adapting to the ever-changing consumer behavior. 

Let’s see how you can keep your video relevant for your ever-changing consumer. 

  • Make sure your video story addresses a real issue

Marketers need to be reminded that beyond the targeting parameters followed (age, gender, location, ethnicity), there is a person with human emotions. 

How? The story in the digital video has to connect on a daily level and not on a superficial level. The story has to address the user’s daily problems and offer solutions. These can be solutions wherein one has to directly use the product. Or, solutions that can inspire or bring hope to the user. 

  • Ensure you’re publishing your video on the correct platform 

48% of consumers said they’ve made a purchase due to a brand’s video on Instagram. If you’re publishing your video on a learning platform, is the text too much to read? 72% of people prefer video over text when learning about a product or service.

Every platform has a certain type of audience. You might need to test multiple platforms to see where you receive maximum traction. 

  • Be clear on what you want the consumer to do 

Users are moving fluidly across their devices as they assess what requires their attention and what does not. They’re rapidly absorbing a variety of information – which they feel is fun, engaging or useful for them or their loved ones.  

Communicating a clear call-to-action that is intended towards the objective – purchase/ engage/ subscribe/ register. For instance, in this Eleven Store video, the Call-to-action ‘Get them Now’ is crisp and clear 

Speaking of this video…

  • Remember, less is more 

You don’t always need a layered story. Sometimes, a little says a lot. 

This is a approach that Twisted’s Video Production the team went with for the Eleven Store USA advertisement for sneakers. The video starts with a generic shot of a shoe’s basic making and quickly switches to minimalist shots of shoes, their unique features, and how they rock. All these, in a few short sentences and glances of their new line of sneakers. 

Assess the above points before finalizing what type of video can work for your business: explainer video, motion graphics video, green screen video or an interactive video. Or simply, reach out to the video production experts. At Twisted Frame, we’ve constantly been implementing and adapting to the new voice of video which can foster long-term brand awareness and advocacy.  

If you’re looking for quality video production in Toronto, look no further than Twisted Frame. Our team of experienced professionals will work with you to create a video that exceeds your expectations. Visit our website today to learn more!