Video editing plays a crucial part in resulting in the best marketing for brands all over the world. Think about it: a well-known brand launching a product on social media with an ad full of errors. Never the best marketing decision, right?

So, how to edit videos for video marketing? And is there a fool-proof way of doing so? Lucky for you, there are multiple fool-proof ways, all of which together make for professional video editing tactics. 

And thanks to the professionals at Twisted Frame, we have some sure-shot ways to share that will make your video editing process for corporate video productions a more efficient affair. Let’s check them out.

Step 1: What’s Your Story?

Every video needs a story. It can be artistic, classical, trendy, and of course, on-brand. Having a story ready gives you a clear idea of what you want to be represented on your company’s social media. 

These stories also help bind together various ideas from your team and curate a topic that best suits one of the below:

  • New product launch
  • Seasonal sales promo
  • A whole new look for the brand, etc. 

So, what should an ideal story contain? For starters, coherence and visual aspects take center stage. With these, you need to add a consistent plot, a known face for your brand’s identity. 

Ensure your whole team is on the storyboard, and don’t be afraid to share ideas, story prompts, plot criticisms, and professional suggestions from them. At the end of the day, the final product should be about the brand and its identity for clients and customers alike. 

Step 2: Shorten Your Ad

In current times, short-form content is all the rage on social media. And while this principle works great for influencers, it’s also an efficient way to improve your corporate video production. 

Let’s take the example of the Cruiser corporate ad by Toronto’s Twisted Frame. This 36-second video has all the elements of a perfect video which captures speed, adventure, and related fashion. While the video is short it captures our attention and keeps us hooked for more.

Now imagine this video, stretched out for 3 minutes, with more information fitted into that long timeframe. Such clips not only remove the wow factor but also make it easy to ignore or skip on social media. 

Hence, trimming your video for a shorter content span and splitting a long take into shorter segments can help you remove all unnecessary details. Splitting also helps to combine the most crucial segments and stitch together a compact, more enjoyable version of your corporate video for all digital platforms. 

Step 3: Sprinkle in Effects and Video Transitions

Quick use of transitions can add the much-needed oomph to any bland video. It’s a fantastic way of creating a fun, unpredictable visual effect that makes any video more watchable.

These video transitions can be scenes fading away, slideshows, zoom-in and zoom-out effects, and many other interesting formats. Of course, there are a few rules to this. Adding too many transitions within a short timeframe can make a corporate video feel tacky and overdone. 


So, timing the transitions in creative ways can become a new image branding tactic if you have professionals looking after your video editing processes. 

Similar to transitions, effects such as animations, gifs, and visual filters bring about new and improved visuals. It smoothens out the entire video process and helps highlight the most crucial parts of a corporate video. 

And just like for video transitions, it’s important to know how to use these effects sparingly for a more corporate tone to your business video.

Step 4: Music and Audio Makes the Scenes

Imagine an entire video with no music or audio to back it up. No sound effects, no music, and no voice can make any video redundant to watch. Anything becomes easy to decipher when you have these elements:

  • Music 
  • Audio voice
  • Subtitles 

It brings about an emotion to feel within your video and syncs with your brand’s tone and message. Let’s take an example from Music Melter’s video by Twisted Frame, Canada. Here, music and sound effects make up for the majority of the ad. Look at how video transitions, sound effects, and music take you on a minute journey through well-curated video footage.

Audio comprises background music, voiceovers, sound effects, narration, and so much more. These sounds need to stay balanced, timed, and in sync with every aspect of the video. Moreover, the music and message need to stay in balance so that your corporate video is complete without any flaws. 

Of course, after all these steps, make sure to run your video through the post-production process and edit out any further errors for a more smoothly transitioning marketing video. 

Edit Videos the Right Way with Twisted Frame

Now that you know the perfect ways to edit your corporate video for marketing, it’s time to start your project. Of course, when your ideas are phenomenal, it’s best to seek help from professionals to do it right. 

That’s why Canada’s Twisted Frame has you covered whenever you need a helping hand to improve your corporate video production. Contact us today to learn more!