Each day, there are hundreds of new social media corporate videos in Toronto. They showcase new products, new brands, and often, a seasonal sale to bring back a company’s relevancy. 

But what makes some of these stay unforgettable is the style of corporate video production you implement within the branding strategy. For example, advertising hot and fiery fresh fries for a fast food joint during the heat of June summer might not work the way you think. 

So, what other things to NOT do while making a social media video for your brand? Twisted Frame, a professional Video production company in Toronto, has a few tidbits to share. We’ve already shared many tips for how to make and improve social media corporate footage. But today, we’ll check out how NOT to make a video production company in Toronto. Let’s begin!

1. Don’t Force Your Product

Desperation is repelling, especially if you shove your product or services onto your viewers. The idea here is not to show your brand as an advertiser but as a friend. 

It’s best not to mention the product as something the audience cannot live without but as something that can improve their already-existing lives. Take the advertisement for Cincin by Twisted Frame corporate video in Toronto. 

It shows the flavors available for the product in immersive and well-shot video segments. Each scene transition feels refreshing as the flavors advertise the product more than the brand itself. Instead, if this video had someone aggressively marketing how good each flavour is, it might’ve felt a bit too pushy to invest in consuming the product. 

The very power your brand can hold over competitors by not being the face of your product is unparalleled. So, if you have an exciting product to showcase, throw all the limelight on the product instead of your brand name. 

2. Long Videos Don’t Go a Long Way

As we know, the online attention span is rather short. These days, audiences like quick and informative advertisements to appear on their social media. And if you invest in making long video productions, it can fire back on your brand identity. 

Shorter videos showcasing the brand’s best offers tend to hold more attention. Ads for Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook are best served short. They become more (re)watchable and often become part of a social media trend too. 

Check out this Toronto video production by Twisted Frame promo for Koka. The video has a grungy theme with comfortable clothing and a casual theme that makes you feel cozy about wearing the apparel. It’s short, to the point, and handles the theme to the tee (literally). 

Now, if this video were to be a minute or longer, audiences might have lost their patience and clicked out. By the 20th-second mark, the product, its services, and the brand have already been focused on. Anything more is filler content. 

3. Focus on Target Audience and Smaller Platforms

Let’s imagine your business focus to be jewelry and cosmetic accessories. You make a business page, but where would it work best? Putting it on a business and corporate-focus platform like LinkedIn might not be too helpful. 

However, if you host your brand page on a place like Instagram or Facebook, you can have more traction on social media. Corporate video editing for targeted platforms helps to navigate your business successfully within competitions. It helps retain an audience and a buyer base and also market your product more effortlessly. 

Targeting a smaller audience is one of the best ways to plan out your video production. Having a small batch to focus on, you can get more creative within your area of expertise. Moreover, it helps to curate different branding strategies that attract only the type of audience and demand you need for the business. For a jewelry business, fashion-forward, trendy, and stylish customers are the target of an audience base looking for home interior goods. 

4. No Need for Over-Consistency

Corporate Video production and marketing does not have to be daily or monthly on a strict basis. It’s always a great business plan to strategise and schedule your social media ads and promos for social media and follow a content calendar. 

But keep in mind that content video marketing needs time and effort. It’s best to prioritize taking a substantial period to execute your next ad’s strategise and keep aside sample schedule for:

  • Pre-production
  • Production, and 
  • Post-production

It’s risky to create an ad within a short time frame, not re-check it for errors, and let it launch on social media platforms without any professional look over. This is why Twisted Frame, the video production company in Toronto, encourages you to go through all the three above mentioned stages of content creation. 

The worst things to come from quickly-produced frequent brand ads are:

  • Poor audio quality
  • Bad script reading
  • Low-quality lighting
  • Incomprehensible voice acting
  • Bad product

Hence, always remember the golden rule of marketing: quality over quantity. 

Trust in Twisted Frame for All Your Social Media Corporate Video

When it comes to strategizing corporate video for your brand’s social media, who else to right the wrongs than Twisted Frame? This Toronto video production company can handle all your marketing demands and make you the most promising content. Contact us today for more information.