Acquiring new business and retaining old business is understandably challenging in the new era. This is where ‘intro videos’ are helping gain ‘new handshakes’ in Toronto.

Video production companies in Toronto are driving business acquisition, retention and multiplication through innovative intro video s- be it for automobiles, healthcare, beauty or even packaging companies. Video formats such as live-action, motion graphics, animation, education-led are amongst the most popular to introduce any business. Intro videos, if done correctly, can make a brilliant visual sales pitch. 

So, let’s quickly see how intro videos as helping business sales. 

#1 Setting a stellar first impression in under 1 minute

Due to remote meetings and operations, every business needs to fortify its first impressions. One needs to crisply communicate their business, strengths and how well they can operate in the new era. As opposed to a 40-minute-long zoom conference, a well-baked intro video can help convey all of this in under 1 minute. 

Here’s an intro video for Excelistas X-cite created by Twisted Frame. In roughly 47 seconds, we go onto show the problems solved by the brand. This has worked incredibly well to get leads. 

#2 Explain business operations easily

An intro video works to easily convey information required to make a first impression. But what next after you’ve made your first impression?

Again – leverage the power of an intro video to showcase operations.

The goal is no longer to meet, network and generate clients in social situations. The goal is to leverage the online medium to say ‘what value can one bring to a customer/ business’. 

This begins by explaining how one’s product works. We’ve seen that video production companies often opt for the route of motion graphics or animation to explain their operations. And it works! 

Here are examples of different-styles of intro videos aimed to explain operations of the product. 

RCB Mortgage 


#3 Intro videos to bring seasonal-hits

This holiday season, selling your products shouldnt be the objective.

You might think this is crazy.

Lets be frank. If thats still the approach, then you wouldnt probably make any sales. This holiday season, ‘selling real value’ should be the objective of every video production company, creative agency or brand in Toronto.

An intro video about a cake oozing with chocolate lava might really not make the cut. Desserts and drinks are indispensable in every holiday season.

However, a video showing how an over-packed work-from-home life (office work, home chores, kids, pets and so much more) can get tiring and a cake can stand as a mark of celebration for managing all of it so well. 

#4 Intro medical videos for patient adaptability

Attempts are being made to decrease the pressure of people piling up in clinic facilities so as to treat the ones who cannot be treated online. This will also help reduce any contagious spread to the frontline staff. So how does video come in? 

Now, with online consultations for conditions that can be treated over the web, health does require a human element.  We need to hear from people who have already received treatment for health conditions others may be looking to address – be it physical or mental health. These arent testimonial videos by clinics to generate business, but adaptability to the new intro videos to implant new adaptability skills. We all are very new to telehealth checkups. We are all equally anxious and equally open to adapt. 

Videos about real-life people talking about how a certain treatment plan has worked for them. People sharing their honest experiences as to how are their online consultations different/similar to personal visits. This can help people adapt to the newer means when the condition can be treated online. 

Wed love to hear how youve been incorporating intro videos to tell your business story. Lets explore as to how you can communicate with your target audience and drive business with our Toronto based solution-oriented video production, video editing, motion graphic and animation services.