The idea of a video is simple: prompt action through emotions and senses.  

Toronto’s new era has presented us with new ways to drive business success – optimisation of conversion. The era has begun to ride the digital bull and most businesses have boarded onto the online routed train.  Marketing campaigns and advertising are profusely running on social media channels. New landing pages are landing by the minute. Each in an attempt to increase organic traffic and convert leads. 

So, what exactly do we mean by ‘conversion’? It’s simply prompting the prospective customer to take action and making the action happen. Right from subscribing or following to your page, visiting a subsequent page, filling out a form by leaving your details or making a purchase. Simply put attempts made to make the action happen.

An absolutely visually powerful tool doing a great job at making the ‘action’ happen is video production. Let’s find out how video is delivering great leads and conversion optimisation to businesses across categories of medical, pharma, automobiles, FMCG, beauty, etc. 

  .  Video production is helping businesses master that visual sale

Sales and marketing teams cannot be on the field to make that sales pitch. And sadly, your prospective client will still need to see, hear and feel your product offering. A video provides for this connective dynamism. Video offers this human quality to see, hear and feel the emotive in the narrative. 

Fitness brands are posting home workout videos and prompting the action to build more subscribers. Boot home (Japanese startup) just launched an online fitness club that is open 24/7. 

Personal hygiene brands (soaps, disinfectants, FMCG products) are putting up innovative choreographed videos to instil habits of handwashing via signature dance moves. All aimed to push the action of purchase of the product. 

Personal hygiene brands (soaps, disinfectants, FMCG products) are putting up innovative choreographed videos to instil habits of handwashing via signature dance moves. All aimed to push the action of purchase of the product. 

  • Keep em’ hooked: video makes it engaging 

Converting a lead works on the principle of ‘staying in the minds of people’. Inactivity or lack of content by brands can lead to drop in engagement rates, hence giving a blow to conversion optimization. It’s similar to how we don’t hear from an aunt for years and don’t invite her for Christmas brunch.

Several brands are using video to increase engagement which leads to conversion. Certain schools are offering e-fitness training to students. This highlights the school’s capability to deliver growth and learning to students right in the e comfort of their homes. This promotion can influence decision of parents and push up admission ratios. 

  • Video helps build trust by answering doubts and confusions in a 100% socially distanced fashion 

How-to videos are offering the unique value of ‘self-reliance’ and dropping doubts. 

How do skip calling an expert and install that stove by yourself? How to you answer the financial institutions queries in the software update that you made? How to you help your 75-year-old patient (not very tech savvy) sign-up for a tele consultation? Where is the past orders section on the e-commerce page? 

The simple answer to all the above is: a video helps you explain it all. Explainer videos are designed to present the problem-to-solution journey. 

Once doubts are clarified, customers begin to form connections and trust with the brand, encouraging lead generation. 

  • Video delivered at an ‘Off Shelf Life’: increase chances of multiple CTAs

Video content definitely comes with a big return on investment: it’s always on the shelf. Its eternal quality helps provide for the flexibility to play with Call-To-Actions (CTAs). This means that different and desired CTAs can be aimed for, thus captivating different types of consumers and improving lead generation & conversion chances. 

  • Unlike a material to read, one need not watch the entire video till the ned wherein the CTA comes in. CTAs can be plugged in between the video. The video can pause briefly, inviting the viewer to take action.
  • Basis changing seasons and topical events, the video can be re-edited with different CTAs. 

As we say, it’s as neat and crisp as a perfect chip! A video increases conversion chances as it delivers quick, crisp and short messaging (more like an opening summary of everything written on the landing page). It holds immense power as it delivers the emotions of touch, sight, hearing and feeling in times of mental, social and physical distancing. 

We’d love to hear how you’ve been incorporating video production to prompt action in your customers. Let’s explore as to how you can communicate with your target audience and boost leads and conversion through our Toronto based video production and motion graphic services. 

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