The very mention of Artificial Intelligence can turn the mood in every room. While it makes some people curious, it can cause slight distress in the rest. However, AI is not here to take our jobs but to make it easier alongside us. And when it comes to corporate video marketing, it does amplify the foundation.

“Video production is a 3-step process where you can’t miss a task.”

This is a behind-the-scenes picture of a corporate video. Many steps and tasks where taken to even get to this moment. Each task, from scriptwriting and casting to sound design and video editing, each step is crucial. Here, AI can help revolutionize the process by easing out the tasks for the professionals, as well as the brand. 

To understand how AI can help and not take over, Twisted Frame, a well-known video production company in Toronto, is here to aid. So, let’s check out how AI is here to help and amp up corporate video marketing. 

Enhancing Your Raw Video 

AI’s contribution to reshaping video cannot go unseen. In truth, we have been using artificial intelligence and modern technology in video editing for a long time. These enhancements not only make videos more captivating but also more marketable on social media.

Fine-tuning edits, colour lifts, or noise cancellation in corporate videos for brands can be a time-consuming, as well as an expensive task. But if we add AI’s magic to this traditional process, we have a foolproof solution in place. 

Streamlining Your Workflow

AI can streamline the process, automating certain parts of your workflow, so you can get more done within less time. For this, AI analyzes your raw video footage to identify the necessary and unnecessary bits. By doing so it saves your time and lets you edit your videos quicker than ever. 

Not only that, but you can also use AI to figure out which parts to edit and enhance. This way, you can spend less time working on bits that don’t go into the final video product. These videos also look more professional and trendy due to AI’s power to suggest changes in line with the current algorithm. 

Hence, AI is a great add-on to your family if you want the best footage to end up on your brand’s corporate promotion, 

Befriending Your Corporate Campaign

AI’s contribution to marketing has been unparalleled. It can help you analyze the market and find out the best performance tactics for your business. AI-powered analytics helps to keep your brand afloat even amidst the fast-changing trends online.

For example, check out this video by Canada’s Twisted Frame for Ask the Doctor. This video perfectly encapsulates the world of Botox and cosmetic enhancement. Cosmetic surgeries and fillers are life-changing decisions that many opt for. Moreover, it’s a year-round trend.

With an informative video like this, you have a better outlet to reach millions of views in no time. Moreover, by analyzing frequently asked questions and queries online, AI analytics can suggest video bits to clear up a concept for your target audience. 

Tracking Engagement In a Glance

But that’s not all, as you can also use the power of AI to track your corporate video’s engagement on all platforms. From view counts, likes, and dislikes to the target demographics, AI can hand you the details whenever you need them. These data come in handy when refining your corporate videos and strategizing different marketing efforts to maximize your brand’s performance on social media. In a way, AI can always help you stay on track with what’s hot and what’s not online.

AI Marketing: Your Personal Playground

Every brand has its personality. Fast-food joints have a fast, peppy personality, medical companies come with a serious yet informative personality. As for a cosmetic company, its refreshing aesthetics make for a quirky attitude. 

A brand’s unique personality is what makes them identifiable on social media and in real life. So, if your brand is about sports gear and goods, it’s best to have relatable and thematic energetic music in your ads, as well as the ideal background, lighting, and color shades for the shots. 

And if you want to add these personalized bits to your company’s corporate video, AI has your back. How your video looks, sounds, and overall feels can affect its social media presence. With AI’s help, you can make your videos more engaging, immersive, and on-brand. But how does it work? 

AI analytics analyze customer user data, check online preferences, and keep track of popular trends in your target demographics. These data help to curate fine-tuned videos with a touch of brand personality. Not to forget, it helps to make your brand feel like ‘the one’ choice for your customer base. 

Moreover, these tailored videos bring in more views as the format, SEO, and organic data let them stay relevant longer on search engines. 

Let AI and Twisted Frame Guide Your Corporate Videos

All in all, AI is nothing but a supportive system built to learn from and work along with humans. Its ability to trace, observe, and mine online activities for vital data can help build and revolutionize your business. As for your corporate video in Toronto or anywhere else, you can always trust Twisted Frame’s professional services.

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