Do your prospective clients seem to like short, to-the-point product videos over mundane presentations or long in-person meetings? Maybe it is time to explore explainer video production. Explainer videos are a great way to share crucial information and details over a short period. 

These videos can be 30 seconds short or 2-minute-worth engaging video content with amazing graphics. The best part, you can be as creative you wish to be, as long as it is appealing and memorable. With motion graphics services taking the scenes by storm, it is time to learn the new ropes of explainer videos. 

Who knows, this might be the ultimate formula to bring your company up to the top! But before getting into why they help boost real sales, let us understand the core concept of explainer videos and their video editing methods:

Explaining the Explainer Video Concept

An explainer video aims to engage clients with short, corporate, and informative clips. They are mostly vibrant and often adhere to the emotional tone of the product’s benefits. They are a nifty marketing tool that many brands use to communicate to their prospective clients. 

Certain factors can turn a video into an explainer video, such as:

  • It helps people learn about your brand from the get-go
  • It speaks to viewers in a simple and conversational tone. The corporate tone is not a priority.
  • It offers step-by-step tutorials for easy understanding
  • It aims to attract real sales prospectives for their brand

There are many reasons why explainer video productions fare well in gathering steady sales for companies. The next 3 pointers might explain better!

#1 It is unique to your brand

An explainer video is all about accentuating your brand’s personality to clients. It is all about advertising a particular product/service that reflects the brand’s values. An explainer video can portray how your brand can solve problems other companies fail to. It represents your brand’s identity as an answer to all issues. 

Simple animation, minimalistic audio, and smooth video editing tricks add a friendly style to the videos, making them distinct from the rest.  

#2 It has a humane approach

While the world marches to digitalization, humans still crave an emotional connection. And an explainer video answers to this demand in the corporate sector. It creates emotional connections to the viewer, helping them relate to the ads from a personal level. 

For example, instead of subtitles, explainer videos use voiceovers that feel friendlier and easier to follow. The visuals are creatively minimalistic, and the correct musical tone helps it feel more compelling. This video from Twisted Frame can explain this concept best. All in all, these videos feel more like a storyteller than a corporate ad campaign.

#3 Explainer videos help retain audience

Our brains like visual messages more than textual ones. It retains in-memory fast and quick as explainer videos have factors that make it impressionable. All in all, explainer videos play with human auditory and sensory senses, touches viewers’ souls, and helps memorize unforgettable brand identities. The viewer can retain your brand’s persona while you retain the viewer’s business perspective.


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