The search for finding ‘the best way’ to showcase a product is eternal. Marketers are constantly testing new ways and new mediums to present every product. 

Motion graphics and animation videos are driving business steadily for brands. Industries right from healthcare to education are leveraging the power of corporate animation. The University of Toronto has been leveraging this power to transform learning methods by adopting animation videos as teaching material.

Developing animation & motion graphic content for various clients, today we’ll share how corporate animation videos explain your product – better and smarter! 

  • Captivating elements of animation promote the decision to buy 

Through a combination of characters, colours and striking narratives, animation can deliver the human element involved in sales. There has been a slash of on-ground sales teams who visit door-to-door to explain complex business concepts. 

Animation uses its prowess to deliver this information through creative videos. At Twisted Frame, we developed simple-to-understand explainer videos for BatchPro Connect as well as Eclipse. Both the videos directly address solutions for business problems and showcase product functioning in a step-by-step fashion. 

  • Animation helps healthcare players engage with their patients 

The healthcare industry has welcomed animation to reach out to patients as well as staff. By now, we all must have received notifications from several medical and healthcare clinics which have begun online video consultations from doctors. Patients are being treated via video links. 

Video visits are new and challenging. Do you remember how doctors would sometimes draw and show us certain medical issues? Over a screen, this can be a little challenging and the experience isnt the same.  However, pre-made animated video content is turning out to be more informative and educative. Content such as in-depth medical video explainers on causes, symptoms and treatment modules. Within video conferences with patients, doctors are using a lot of medical education and animation video content via share-screen

Training videos are nurturing new skills within the healthcare staff network. Healthcare training videos are helping paddle back-end data, patient histories and teach how to operate in an entirely new e-communication workflow management model.

Check out the healthcare videos produced by Twisted Frame

  1. Corporate animation communicates human emotion

Making a business sale requires the same approach as earlier: your client must be able to see, hear and feel your product. Sales, marketing and business development teams arent able to go to the field to make any sales pitches. But, clients will still want to see, hear and feel to be able to purchase your services. All this while they cannot even meet you. 

Corporate animation provides for this connective dynamism. 

For instance, if youre manufacturing trolleys, your video now will not just be your earlier corporate video. It needs to go beyond simply showcasing specifications of the trolley, the quality, the know-how to manufacture and so on. The animation needs to make a visual sale. This video style helps the buyers get an in-depth understanding of the product. 

And lastly, 

Animation can be done remotely

Animation is accessible in a remote manner. It holds the power to build a world basis for your story- all from the comfort of the team’s respective homes. 

Storyboards, illustrations, modelling, asset-creation – all of it can be done from the team’s abode. Even pre-covid times, a lot of studios would seek the support of freelancers who anyway were working from their homes.

Do you want to educate, reinforce or entertain your ‘audiences with revised consumer patterns’? Let’s have a chat as to how your business can leverage through our corporate animation and motion graphic services in Toronto. Reach out today!