Remote Yet United To Achieve Growth 

Stories are required to define any business. Probably more – during uncertain times as these. 

Brands need storytelling more than ever to connect with their audiences. To be able to reach out, help, and offer services of value; the customer and brand need to connect on deeper levels than mere face-recall marketing. 

In our earlier blog, we shared as to how corporate animation holds undeniable power in the era of social distancing. How corporate animation works seamlessly in a remote yet unified fashion, telling the best brand stories. 

Today, we will explore how corporate animation is a dynamically versatile tool to achieve growth hacking. 

What should growth hacking through corporate animation exactly do?

Although there isn’t a clear-cut definition or route to growth, or in area of life for that matter. We must focus on objectives and goals. 

  • Corporation animation intended to engage my consumer to stay for longer period on my site/ channel. 
  • Push Conversion. The animated video should prompt customer to take action once they’re fully convinced. 

#3 ways to achieve these growth-hacking objectives through different types of corporate animation stories: 


  • Share your culture. 


While businesses make videos about their culture to gain employee loyalty or to hire fresh talent; here’s why knowing a brand’s culture is important for the customer today. Customers are obviously cautious about almost everything: right from their job, food hygiene, door knobs, source of products, packaging etc. 

For instance, if you’re a restaurant; today the customer wants to know how does your staff operate in the kitchen. Are you sanitizing it every 2 hours? Are you checking temperatures of the cooks/ staff every morning? Is the staff residing in your facility? Are you ensuring contactless delivery?

Sharing this culture of your brand can help your customer feel safe and educated before placing his/her order. 


  • Share your process.


Go a step further. Explain the process of how you’re actually doing it by using dynamic graphics. Sharing the detailed process with a customer can help in establishing transparency and strengthen trust and loyalty. Probably, showcasing a 10am to 5pm process of sanitisation maintained in the restaurant. Or, the process taken by a dermat to conduct an inline video consultation. Or, the process taken by a packers & movers brand to conduct a shift. 

While there are an ample of animation styles to pick from (2D, 3D, motion graphics, white board animation, etc), the biggest joy fact is that all styles can be worked on remotely. No crew needs to personally come in to capture your process. 


  • Share your value. 


Use corporate animation to sell value instead of a product by itself. What is your customer distressed about?

His job? The hygiene of the house? Loneliness due to the distance from loved one?

Using graphics, explain the problem and how your product can offer value. If you’re in the business of selling desks, can they help correct wrong back postures from working on the bed at home? Highlight the value with context to the current hassles being faced. 

#3 hot spots to embed your corporate animation videos:


  • Ad space in the pocket of your customer. 


One of the best places to embed your video ad is in the pocket of your customer: his mobile phone. More than 50% of people do a search after seeing a mobile ad. Deriving from this, gather insights on the majorly visited sites through mobile devices by your target demography. A lot of findings exist in the pool range of social media, news or gaming apps. 


  • Portals that mean business.


70% of B2B customers watch videos on their path to purchase. Promote your video ad all the relevant portals that mean business (Linkedin, relevant Facebook groups, business communities).


  • Good, ol’ social media.


53% of consumers engage with a brand after viewing a video on social media. Find out which social media portal is your TG spending most time on. If you’re a fitness brand, are they receptive to watch your ad while being plugged into Spotify? Or, while replicating move-by-move on Tiktok.

At Twisted Frame, we’ve constantly been adapting to the new voice of animated videos to connect brands with their audiences. Do you want to hack into and kick-start business? Let’s have a chat as to how your business can leverage from the corporate animation through our Toronto corporate animation services. Reach out for a free chat at (416) 619-1116.