Here’s a funny irony. Many people ‘skip’ video ads. But at the same time, many remember certain video ads for decades and beyond. And many purchase products and services based on a video ad. 

We’re in an era where people seek videos for literally every requirement- education, entertainment, passing time, and more! In the fast-paced digital world, video ads have emerged as a powerful tool. A high-quality video ad can be used to not only capture audience attention but also convey brand messages effectively.

While there are several video types (animated video ads, motion graphic video ads, corporate video ads, live action shot video ads, and more) to communicate your business goal, the ‘how’ is important. It’s important to know how to create a high-quality video ad for your product. 

With over 10 years of experience in video production, let’s share some tips to create compelling & quality video ads.

#1 Ask ‘Who is my audience?’

Not every person on the planet is your customer. Hence, it’s important to categorise who is your best customer. Say, you are a dentist. Your customers are people looking to better their teeth or fix their dental issues. 

Create a detailed user persona of your customer. Tabulate & mention – gender, age, demographic, interest set, values, hobbies, hardships. There are many effective frameworks on the web to create a user persona. The Ogilvy & Mather framework is one such effective one. 

Through this step, you can understand their hardships & pitch your product as the best solution.

At Twisted Frame, we understood the audience of Uresta and created this motion graphic video ad for them. The video ad highlights the worries of the user persona and presents the ease of using Uresta. It’s easy to understand and graphically neat!

#2 Choose The Platform As Per Your Audience 

Every platform has its audience demographic. Analyse as to where is your audience. 

Each platform has its preferred tone, length, and aspect ratio. Accordingly, you can craft your video ad. In this way, you can achieve maximum reach and engagement. 

#3 Hire Advanced Equipment & Experienced Professionals

Your video ad talks a lot about your product. Say, if you’re selling cereal for babies. You want your customers to know it’s the best quality of cereal that parents can feed to their children. A bad or poor-quality video can influence their impression of the cereal’s edible quality. 

Not saying that your budget has to be the size of a movie! However, using advanced equipment such as a high-resolution camera, stable tripod, excellent audio, and proper lighting can deliver an altogether different look to your video ad. While it might be easy to hire advanced equipment, only professionals with experience can do justice to it. 

An experienced video production company can help you 

  • create an impactful script that connects to the customer
  • hire the best vendors & equipment
  • deliver visually compelling video editing and optimize every video ad for its respective platform
  • impeccably plan your shoots so you can stay stress-free

#4 Invest In Professional Video Editing 

Video editing can make or break your video. Transforming raw footage into a compelling story is an art. 

An experienced editor can beautifully weave your story together.  He/she gives detailed attention to visual elements, graphics, and technical specs. Overlooking these is non-negotiable. 

With Twisted Frame’s professional video editing services, you can see how raw footage is seamlessly put together to create a meaningful video. You can truly see the magic happen! 

#5 Give Tempting Prompts

Imagine yourself as a customer. Wouldn’t you like a free trial for a new product or a discount as a regular customer?

Similarly, your audience would appreciate prompts that can invite them into the marketing funnel. 

Here are some prompts:

  • Free trials
  • Discount/ promo codes
  • Free shipping
  • Free material – e-books and webinars
  • Free Discovery call

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are tips to make a visually stunning video ad?

Don’t compromise on visuals, audio, or lighting. Each of these aspects adds to the aesthetics and helps in making a rich video.  It’s equally important to have a solid script – one that presents the message clearly & creatively.  Nobody gets jargon!

  • How to make a video ad relatable to audiences? 

Make sure you understand the consumer’s need or problem. Accordingly, your product/ service can become the solution. Let your video ad highlight this solution.

In addition, make sure to present your product/ service’s benefits & features. You can use aesthetic visuals and music. Lastly, include an effective call-to-action so the customer can take his/her next step.

  • What are the 5 stages of creating a video ad?

The 5 stages proceed as follows: 

  1. The video production company understands your business/product/service in detail
  2. Scripting (developing a strong script)
  3. Pre-production (planning & preparation for video creation/ video shooting)
  4. Production (the actual phase of creation/shooting)
  5. Post-production (video editing, music, graphics, adding effects, and cleaning up audio)

Get in touch with a professional video production partner for making video ads

A professional video production company understands the importance of aligning video content with a company’s marketing goals. 

Such a video production partner works closely with you to identify your objectives, target audience, and unique selling points, ensuring that every video ad produced is strategically crafted to meet specific needs.

Hire an experienced video production company in Toronto

Every brand is unique. At Twisted Frame, our approach reflects this truth. Whether you’re a startup or a business that has been around for long, each video ad is customised to work for your brand identity, message and impact your customer.