Ever wondered how popular YouTubers create seamlessly curated videos to pull in a solid subscriber base? Video editing for social media sites and video platforms is crucial as it helps to retain viewers and maintain a stable brand identity. 

For this, your video needs high-quality audio, shots, great background music, and a solid plot to make it relatable for all your viewers. If any of these elements are missing, your video might not gain the algorithm’s traction you want. And that’s where corporate video productions come in. 

Thanks to the brilliant minds from Twisted Frame, Canada, we have compiled a list of useful video editing tips for YouTube that’ll help your brand be popular on this popular video streaming platform. Let’s check them out. 

Step 1: Get Yourself a Good Video Editor

To begin your corporate video editing journey, it’s best to equip yourself with high-quality and reliable video editing software. Opt for something that lets you have complete control over your editing, upload time, trim, and chop at your will. 

Many unnecessary video editing services come with multiple on-page ads, slow rendering, and crucial video editing features locked behind paywalls. Make sure that the platform you choose lets you not only edit the videos on YouTube’s platform but also track their performance, lest you need to take it down for a quick edit and re-upload. 

A good video editor is always simple and easy to use for beginners and seasoned editors alike. When choosing a basic editor, ensure that it adheres to your quality control and doesn’t offer a poor-performing upload to save your cost. 

All in all, ask experts, consult your video production team, and go for editing software that everyone agrees on.

Step 2: Ensure High-Quality Computers

Want the best video quality for your brand? Be ready to invest in high-performing PCs. The type of PC system you use greatly affects your video production output. 

Think about how many files you need to maintain during your corporate video production and post-production phases. Let’s understand this from Twisted Frame’s work on Cincins video. Here, you see how well the shots transition without any glitches, and you get to see a product’s different flavor offers. The transitions, as well as the video quality, are magical. 

So why go traditional with a hard disk, when you can get yourself high-performing SSDs to store your data? SSDs not only improve your rendering time but also quickens your import and loading time. These also aid in accessing files and editing software faster. 

Not to forget, ensure 8GB RAM space as you will not run out of files to keep till the upload date. Additionally, seek expert advice in getting yourself the best PC processors and video cards for your video editing requirements. 

It’s best to keep high-quality tools if you want your brand’s digital presence to stay untouched. Hence, be ready to invest well in maintaining the best hardware and software for your company. 

Step 3: Check Out Good Video Editing Tutorials

In current times, we have endless tutorial content online. You learn almost anything on the internet, be it cooking, architecture, or even how to sleep right. So, why not utilise the flow of endless digital content, and teach yourself a little about video editing?

Knowing how to edit videos, whether or not you have first-hand responsibilities, can come in handy. For starters, it teaches you quality control and ways to improve your content better. 

Remember, YouTube videos are all about consistent quality. And thanks to video editing tutorials, you can try your hands in the various steps to make the process more efficient. Not to forget, these tutorials also open up more opportunities to learn about video marketing, checking YouTube algorithms, uploading time tips, and so much more. 

While it’s always best to leave something as serious as YouTube video editing to the professionals, it never hurts to gain some amazing knowledge about how the experience makes your brand a worthy competitor in the market. 

Step 4: Don’t Forget the Colour Correction

Imagine creating a beautiful video about spending a memorable afternoon at your company’s seaside resort. Now, imagine the unfortunate moment when you see the uploaded video has a dull and dingy background color, which completely distorts the beauty of the golden hours. 

This is where color correction comes in. Color correcting during your corporate video’s post-production ensures your brand’s shots don’t look dull, lifeless, and just cold-hard bland. Color correction also relies on your brand video’s theme and services. 

For example, if the video’s theme is medical, blue and white are crucial shades to use. On the other hand, a restaurant’s video portrayal needs yellow and red tinges to make viewers hungry. 

Check out this video by Twisted Frame for Trissa. It showcases the journey of brave people during their weight management journey. Notice how the colors are more mute and neutral, letting you focus on the people in the video. Hence, your video’s tone and takeaway determine the color correction process.

Upload the Best Videos with Twisted Frame

In short, knowledge, time, and investments procure you the best and highest-quality videos for YouTube. Let your brand’s name shine on all online platforms with the power of good video editing. 

When it comes to professional video editors, you can always rely on Canada-based Twisted Frame. Check out their brilliant work process, and contact today.