How animation studios are accelerating brand marketing in Toronto

By September 25, 2020Motion Graphics
Animation Studio in Toronto

Mothers got their kids to eat spinach through the animated Popeye! The power of animation has been crazily effective since the golden age of animation (1920-1960s).


Creative marketing in Toronto is being viewed under a drastic lens. A lens that pushes marketers to approach marketing in a much more creative manner from soulless consumerism to soulful interactions. Animation studios in Toronto are helping in this shift by creating settings with a human touch. 

While having developed new behaviours and priorities, todays consumer shops online and prefers to stay remote. So, how does a brand communicate the human touch factor from such a distance? 

This is where animation studios are using video animations, character building and modelling, compositing to narrate brand stories in a soulful, bright and evoking manner. Creative animation videos are fostering long-term associations between audiences and brands. The Market Study Report, LLC indicates that the markets of animation as well as VFX are to witness exponential growth by 2025.

What brings another huge score – the target audience stays remote, and the modality to execute animation is also possible in a remote manner. Marketers are selecting creative animation videos as a dynamic choice.

Lets find out how animations studios are accelerating marketing for brands in Toronto.

#1 Boosting customer engagement by explaining concepts in a simple manner

No one likes to take time out to process jargon. Jargon can simply tune out audiences within seconds.

And the truth is, business concepts can be complicated. Animation does two phenomenal things here:

  • Break down the complex concept into a straightforward manner.
  • Through use of colour, characters and story; it engages audiences in original ways. 

Heres how we went about making an engaging video for Octapharma, a leading pharmaceutical firm.

We were approached to produce a medical educational video for their product: Nuwiq Molecular method of action in order to highlight Octapharma’s haemophilia R&D and how it is improving treatment for patients. We used dynamic 3D models, compositing and motion graphics to depict complex ideas such as how Factor VIII works in the blood stream and its interaction with proteins. Our team of creative animators and designers showcased assets such as antibodies, role of Factor VIII and Nuwiq in the simplest yet creative manner for better understanding of all healthcare providers in the pharmaceutical industry. 

#2 Building brand associations through characters

Heroes drive lives. In our younger days, we surely did think that if we had a superhero power like Superman, we could hop over terraces. And as we grew older, we did identify with characters in movies. 

We look upto characters and brand ambassadors. Thats the reason why brands spend a fortune to get them. Character animation helps formulate heroes which stay in the customer minds lifelong. 

The Laughing Cow by The Laughing Cow, Tony the Tiger by Kellog’s Frosted Flakes, Mr. Clean by Procter & Gamble, Julio Pringles by Pringles, Coco the Monkey by Coco Pops, Poppin’ Fresh by Pillsbury and many more. Our bet is that you remember you at least 3 of these if not more. There thats how a brand association is built through character animation.

#3 Retaining the brand story through epochs

Animation videos work a lot of sound and rhythm. It can be a single rhyme, music score or even a sound that repeats itself to grasp attention. Once it manages to catch attention, it becomes an asset point. Now, by the proven way of advertising, the brand aims to release multiple videos using this asset point. The single rhyme, music score or single sound helps remember the story.

Heres a spirited promo video made by us which drives on music. We were approached to create a musical animated promo video to promote the coming of the renowned musical show, Grease in Toronto. Were proud to say that it became as legendary as the musical show, Grease! The approach to design elements and assets was to keep them lively and vibrant. To celebrate Toronto’s vibe and its fans, we meticulously illustrated, designed and animated an elaborate 3D Toronto downtown scape. A crucial part of the brief was that the 1950 Ford car would be up on stage. We designed this ravishing beauty from scratch and made it a significant part of the storyline as it travelled across Toronto. 

#4 Promoting learning in medicine and engineering 

Animation videos are working wonderfully to keep the learning ongoing. A lot of new telemedicine techniques have been introduced in hospitals. Animation videos are being used to explain the use of new norms and techniques to healthcare staff. 

A host of universities are shut. In this light, medical universities are using animated videos to explain medical lessons on human anatomy, dissection; etc. Extra-curricular isnt being side lined one bit. University of Toronto is also hosting virtual orientation events and video concert called U-Nite featuring singer Alina Baraz and Brampton-born rapper Roy Woods.

Unleash more on the Power of Corporate Animation in the Social Distancing Era.

At Twisted Frame, weve been producing different styles of animation videos for our clients in healthcare, housing, entertainment and finance. Were excited to devise creative animated videos that are oriented towards dynamic marketing for your business. We believe that through creative narratives and impactful visuals, we can craft timeless videos that are consumed effectively by target audiences. 

Lets explore as to how you can communicate with your target audience and drive business with our Toronto based agency.