With the resurgence of AI in different spheres of work, a slight notion of replacement exists. However, it’s safe to confirm that AI can’t do everything we do for corporate video production. So, why not use both your talent and AI all at once?

Video production, with aid from AI, can help you achieve more quickly. Let’s look into video editing. AI reduces the physical effort you put into editing and helps fine-tune the video for its launch. While you already honed your technical video editing skills, with AI’s help you can always curate videos on par with market standards. 

Now, how exactly does AI take you by your hand and show you the way? Today, Toronto-based corporate video curator Twisted Frame has a few tips to share. With these, you might find yourself swiping right on AI every time. 

1. New Tone! Who’s This?

Using AI to edit your video’s audio? Why not!?

The post-production process needs us to ensure the corporate audio is top-notch. In short, there is zero room for errors. So, if you’re cut for time and an audio needs an overhaul, a little help from AI isn’t so bad.

An AI software will help remove the mundane tasks of:

  • Removing background noises
  • Amplify a voice-actor voice for pitch-perfect audio
  • Erase any audio distortion

Additionally, AI also helps to remove those awkward pauses that make the video feel less professional. You might also find some unwanted phrases and words mixed in during takes. These can be actors forgetting their lines and adding fillers like an ‘umm’ or a ‘mm’ or sounds to fill their audio gap timing.

These errors are not serious, but eat up video editing time. Thankfully, AIs can detect these faults and effortlessly remove them. These also include random off-screen voices, car honks from outside the studio, or any unnecessary sounds you want out.

When it comes to editing your audio, consider AI a henchman, ready to take out any pesky sounds and clear your path in a jiffy. 

2. Color Me This. Color Me That.

When choosing the lights, shades, tones, and hues of your set, there can be some mistakes. Your choice of yellow for the background might look too dark for the shoot or too bright against the lights. This is why post-production exists.

Instead of wasting your time manually correcting these errors, you can use AI for help. With re-shooting an obsolete option, AI can change the color temperature between hot and cool, re-setting the brightness and hues.

For this, AI tries to identify the problem areas and colors and work with them for improvement. To understand this better, take a look at the Ryerson University campaign video by Twisted Frame. As a renowned video production company in Toronto, Twisted Frame has ensured the lighting and colors of each scene remain perfect in portraying the surroundings and time of the day.

AI does not limit itself to simply fixing background colors but also correct white balance, actors’ skin tones, and product shades to match your brand’s needs. All in all, it’s a great tool to modify your video for better visual effects for social media launches.

Moreover, you can always learn from AI by observing their tasks to make your videos better. 

3. Autobots, Transcribe!

Transcription is a time-heavy task and can take you days to polish. It takes a while to gather all the rough cuts, watch all the footage, put them in sequence, and transcribe each scene with perfection.

As usual, AI can streamline this process for you in no time. All you have to do is watch the video and highlight the voice and text portions you want transcribed for the corporate video. Then sit back and watch AI check through the highlighted timelines and create all your required transcriptions.

It also creates soundbites you might need for the video and ignores every unhighlighted portion. This way, you and other editors work on the improved portions, thus reducing the stress on this time-sensitive task.

Not to forget, AI can also transcribe in different global languages to make your ad go worldwide. It possesses the power to learn different dialects to improve your video’s subtitles and transcriptions, making it easy to grasp for a worldwide audience.

Doing so helps you launch your ads all over social media to reach billions of viewers all at once. So if you want to create crisp transcriptions, and subtitles to go with your video, using AI is sound advice. 

Need a helping hand while editing videos?

AI can of course automate your most mundane tasks and leave you with more time to fine-tune your post-production process.

Of course, for professional touches, you can always check out Twisted Frame. Contact us today for more information.