Promoting healthcare through video marketing has become prevalent now more than ever. More importantly, it serves a purpose of reminding and teaching the public how important medical visits, self-care and detecting symptoms early on, before it leads to severe health issues. Healthcare production companies, such as Twisted Frame, offers video production services to reach out to a target audience through interactive animations and high-quality editing and video services. A Forbes article, Seven Key HealthCare Marketing Tips to Impact and Alter Consumer Behaviors, identifies the importance of how healthcare marketing has to firstly appeal to the emotional side of the audience so they are able to relate and connect with the content to be able to engage better. The seven strategies that impact consumer behavior when responding to healthcare marketing are:


  1. Forming an emotional connection- Healthcare marketing videos specifically, need to be empathetic and genuine to connect with an audience. They need to make sure they see a purpose and change arising from the content. For instance, Twisted Frame took upon a project with Trissa where they created a series of videos portraying the effectiveness of this weight loss program. However, unlike typical weight loss videos that show before and after images, this one included interviews from patients that was a part of Trissa’s procedure. Seeing video content as opposed to a picture created a human factor and emotional connection with the audience by showing results and inspiring others.
  2.  Engaging the community- By creating a community, helps the audience feel like they are not isolated and brings people forward to take action towards improving healthcare. Moreover, marketing that makes a community feel involved and is personal, sparks a conversation among them. Forbes relayed that social media was chosen as one of the top strategies used by healthcare leaders and production companies to communicate with their consumers.
  3.  Create trust and transparency- When a video production company is transparent and honest, the audience tends to relate more and be in support of the content. The audience is now smarter and will voice their opinion if they do not agree with content or if it does not seem authentic to them. Twisted Frame creates healthcare marketing videos that are true to the company and audience by displaying what the company stands for and using the best quality animation.
  4.  Invest in mobile technology- With technology so prominent and accessible, before going to a doctor, people Google their symptoms or read other people’s blogs to see if they are struggling with similar illnesses. Virtual care gives people the control and independence to take care of their own health which reassures them as well. By investing in mobile technology, allows people to talk about healthcare and receive help across borders without having to travel.
  5.  Accessibility and affordability- Often companies use huge budgets and do not allocate it to the right parts of the entire healthcare marketing process. For example, Twisted Frame worked on a promotional animated video to introduce the famous musical, Grease in Toronto. While there was a certain budget for this video, the production company managed to stay within the given budget without compromising the quality and effects in the video. It is important for healthcare marketing companies to be accessible and affordable for their clients and to stay competitive.
  6.  Involvement with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)- A quick and promising way to make a connection with a consumer is through investing in a cause that creates a social impact either in the community or on the planet. Consumers feel better about buying into a brand when they know that the company is giving back as well. Incorporating the CSR into the companies’ marketing strategy brings attention to ways people can make a difference which attracts a larger audience.
  7.  Empower consumers- Now especially, consumers like to be independent and take control over their health. When combining social media, technology and people researching symptoms of their own health, it only makes sense for people to be drawn towards healthcare video marketing.