You must have heard people say that corporate video production isn’t child’s play. 

Why so? 

It is simply because even if you’ve planned and organised everything (even up to 200%), amisses occur on a shooting floor. Once you’re on the floor, you may see ‘sudden issues’ crop up – that need to be solved immediately. After all, time & money is running out. 

The brand/ company only has a set budget for the video and it’s the job of the video production company/ animation studio to ensure that the video shoot takes place in that very assigned time. Locations, talent, artists, etc. are paid for a ‘certain time’ so you cannot take ages to complete a corporate video shoot. Taking control and solving these amisses like a fire-fighter, is what makes people say ‘it’s NOT child’s play’. 

Mastery to complete a shoot on time (successfully with all shots as desired) speaks a lot about the experience of a video production crew. This also means they’ve tackled a ton of inevitable amisses with useful hacks & tricks. 

To get tricks & hacks ‘right’, you need ‘crazy experience’ 

The beauty of all the hacks is that they look seamless on screen. This is because it takes experience to get it right. While it is easy to simply go for expensive equipment which can help you achieve it, it takes experience and visualisation to pull it off correctly with make-shift techniques and items. 

We hope the unforeseen doesn’t strike. But, if it does (some amisses are evident… you’ll know once you’re on a shooting floor), here are 7 helpful hacks to help you get control of your video production project. 

  • White (erasable) pencil to simplify the life of the video editor & film style: Marking video-editing spots is crucial for certain video treatment styles. For instance, you’re shooting a film that is full of match-cuts (a style of video-editing & direction). Verifying the positioning of the shots through the eye is going to put the video editor in a fix. Use a white pencil to mark it on the big monitor. 
  • Sandbag or rice bag to protect the camera: Cameras are darn expensive. Plus, many video production & animation studios in Toronto rent cameras for their shoots. One cannot afford damage. So, if you need to take a shot that is too close to the ground, place your camera on a sandbag or rice bag. This will give a sturdy, smooth surface & avoid scratches on the camera.
  • Coal in a pan (the cheaper alternative for a haze machine):  Let’s be frank. Sometimes, brands cannot afford to spend the required amounts of a video project. Cost-cutting comes into the scene. Say, if you’ve one (short) shot that requires a smoggy look or the kind of light haze in a bar; a haze machine can do a brilliant job but the rental amount can pinch the video production team. Besides, is it worth the rent for only 1 shot? Burning coal in a pan can deliver the same effect. 

Side note: This can practically work only if it’s for 1 short shot. If the coal continues burning for too long, it can cause discomfort (coughing, eyes water, etc.) for the crew. 

  1. Put someone in charge of ‘clicking pics from their smartphone’ to ensure scene continuity: Trusting the bare eye isn’t trustworthy.
  2. Carry along that aluminium foil (in your cabinet) on the shooting floor: There have been times when you’re shooting outdoors on windy/ rainy days. In one particular instance, the reflector simply blew away in the strong winds. Aluminium foil can work as a quick & good reflective material to bounce light. Especially, if you’re shooting guerilla and need to flee from the location quickly. 
  3. Similarly, shower curtains: Shower curtains do a great part-time job of posting as diffusers. 

And lastly, 

  1. Make sure a first-aid kit always sits tight in the production trunk 

Making video production possible for all pocket sizes

The good news is that corporate video production is for all pocket types. Technology has made the world of video production affordable as well as expensive. One can pick right from simple explainers, motion graphics, 2D, 3D to a full-blown Disney level gig. One can choose from a whole lot of types basis their pocket and yet drive the brand message. If corporate animation is done right in 2021, you can effectively reach your customer in Toronto. 

So, no matter what is your pocket size, Twisted Frame is here to drive your message to your customers through the most effective video means.  We got all the experience (and hacks)!