LinkedIn has become synonymous with lead generation. And using corporate videos smartly can help you secure inbound leads – right in your inbox.

According to Insivia, viewers can remember 95% of messages in a video ad, whereas they can only retain 10% from written ones. 

Let’s see what kinds of videos can work wonders on LinkedIn for your personal brand and business. 

Here are some of the best types of LinkedIn video formats you can work with.

#1 Case study videos 

Real results matter! Create a case study video depicting success stories of your real customers. Share how your business strategy helped solve challenges and achieve results. 

A stunning motion graphics video with catchy text, impactful numbers and heartening visuals will make your case study stop the scroll. 

This will catch the attention of similar businesses facing similar challenges in their business. And tempt them to contact you.

#2 Get your customers to speak in a video 

In the marketing lingo, it’s called ‘customer testimonials’. Testimonials are genuine feedbacks from customers who experienced your brand’s value-added services. Their words have more power than one can imagine.

You can turn their stories into realistic ads. If you’re just starting on LinkedIn and prefer baby steps, this is the fastest and most effective video choice. Simply, get the help of a good editor and visualiser to put together a series of customer clips. 

Reach out to Twisted Frame to handle all the hassle! 

#3 B2B corporate videos

This kind of video doesn’t speak to anyone and everyone on LinkedIn. It speaks to your prospective clients – the ones who will give you money in return for your service/ product. It d

You can create a corporate video showcasing your service./ product, its necessity in today’s age and ease of use. Essentially, it’s meant to highlight all that will make the deal sweeter for your prospect. After all, this video is intended to tempt audiences to write to you and enquire further. It is intended to sell. 

#4 Knowledge-sharing videos

Become an expert in your field by sharing your knowledge and experience. This kind of video helps establish authority and know-how. Eventually, audiences form a trust with your personal brand. 

You can pick from different formats – how-to explainer videos, whiteboard animation or listicle-styled videos. 

Contact today for the right strategies, tools and services 

Using strategies that work with audiences, professional video tools and services can work wonders if you are a brand with lots to give. If you are from Toronto, Twisted Frame‘s video production can be a great way to reach your dream clients and advertise your brand on LinkedIn.