Twisted Frame, one of the leading companies for medical video production in Toronto, has learned a lot of lessons about our business over the years. Last time, we talked about the importance of considering who you’re speaking to: that different audiences are looking for different things.

Today, we want to share another lesson we’ve learned: get to the point!

The value of being direct

One of the great things about being in Toronto is energy. Whether we’re focusing on Toronto video production for healthcare, or on our other clients, we feel that rush all the time. People in this city are busy. That’s helped teach us the importance of what busy people need: and what busy people need is more time to do what they need to do.

There are only 24 hours in a day, though. So if we want to help people get more time, we can’t give them time. What we can do, though, is not take away any more time than we need to. A minute saved is a minute earned, and those minutes add up to hours, days, and weeks over the long term. That’s a valuable gift for any busy Torontonian.

That guides how we look at Toronto medical video production. We don’t want to create bloated videos that mostly exist to put onto a showreel. We’re proud of our showreel, but we want to create videos that get to the point: that do the job that they’re supposed to do, that the intended audience needs and wants them to do. We create material that conveys the messages that they’re looking for, in the best way possible.

Different needs mean different “points”

Different audiences will be looking for different things, though. Part of the reason a video can be bloated is that it’s trying to be all things to all people. Like we said before, you have to consider the audience, and a big part of that is so that you are conveying what that specific audience needs you to convey.

Here’s a case in point. Let’s say you’ve got a pharmaceutical product. Doctors are usually going to be focused on a very simple question: what does it do, and (in most cases) how does it differ from other solutions on the market. They need to know those things so that they know where it’s appropriate to prescribe it, and where it isn’t appropriate to prescribe it. A video aimed at informing doctors will want to focus on those questions, speaking efficiently in the language of the profession.

Now consider a patient. Patients aren’t going to be prescribing their own pharmaceuticals. They don’t need to know how the pharmaceutical compares to others, and that may well fall afoul of medical advertising laws and guidelines. Instead, they just want to know “how will this help me, are there side effects to watch out for, and how do I use it?” Heavy promotion isn’t relevant to them, and you definitely don’t want to use medical jargon, since they’ll waste their time trying to understand what you said. Just be clear and concise, using animations, computer graphics, and other visuals as needed to illustrate your points.

To-the-point medical video production

Twisted Frame knows that you’re just as busy as our Toronto medical video production clients. You need professionals that get the job done quickly, get it done well, and don’t waste your time. So get in touch at [phone number] or by using our contact form for a free consultation. Rest assured: we’ll get to the point!