If you are a digital marketer, the chances are that you have at least once made a corporate video that did not engage enough audience. Of course, there is a silver lining. These days, more businesses rely on video content. So some of these mistakes are quite common in the video marketing industry and hence easy to solve!

Keep in mind that there are no magic tricks in impeccable video production. All you need to do is set a campaign goal for the video, draw up your communication strategy, and be creative.

And to make it all happen, here are some common mistakes to avoid if you want to smooth-sail your video editing process:

#1 Cookie-cutter video style for all platforms

Cookie-cutter video concepts are the bane to digital marketing. If you create 1 corporate video and upload it on all platforms, it might fail to engage enough audience. A 7 minutes long tutorial YouTube video will not satisfy Instagram’s algorithm. However, professionally tailored and platform-native videos can help you reach out to different consumers of different online platforms.

For example, do you want to reach out via Instagram stories/shorts or through a YouTube Ad? Try to incorporate varied styles to both videos to fit them into their unique platforms. Consumer A might find you through a Facebook Ad, while consumer B is thrilled to learn about your brand from IGTV. You can customize the video styles, sizes, and CTAs for each platform. Matching your video to the brand is an amazing power move that can hike your audience reach in no time! A unique commercial video for each online platform can help boost audience engagement from every digital corner.

#2 No empathetic brand-client connection

Storytelling goes a long way. There is nothing more accurate than using exciting interactive experiences to share an idea of your brand’s products. Without a story, your company’s video will be a few minutes of lack-luster content that wants viewers to buy something they just saw on the screen.

You can add some real-life stories through customer testimonials. These are authentic experiences that can drive your brand’s genuine services. That way, you are conveying that you can solve similar problems for your viewers. If you wish to know more about interactive video production, Toronto-based Twisted Frame is one of the best visual production houses to connect with.

#3 ‘Too-Much-Creativity’ may spoil the watch

Imagine watching a video about COVID-19 precautions that is designed like a Mario Kart playthrough. It aims to teach how to avoid infection. Sounds great on paper, but the point is deviating from the subject’s seriousness. 

Simplicity sells, and sometimes thinking inside the box might actually pay off! For example, to pique viewers’ interest in a healthcare video, try simplifying complex medical terms for them. Add relatable visuals and graphics to highlight the focal areas. Making your corporate visuals interesting is possible just by adding the right amount of creative finesse. 

So if you wish to correct your production errors and revise your business video strategies with the best-in-class motion graphics services, feel free to reach out to Twisted Frame via a quick call today. You can also mail us your inquiries, and we will get right back to you!