Top Father’s Day Corporate Animation Stories

My Superman. My Moustache Man. My First Wise Man. My Old man. There are a myriad of ways in which kids see their fathers. All link to the idea of him being protective about his kids, offering the best advice and having the kid’s back – come what may. Come storm or rain – daddy will fix it. The trust ensued in daddy is more than in a fire brigade, cop, weather man or nature. 

It’s for this reason when we come across a person who holds these almost unbeatable and undefeatable qualities, we address him as ‘father’. It can be father of a nation, father of a kid or father of a way to comminute a story.

And come to realise, there’s been an almost fatherly-like effective and protective tool in COVID times – that can work remotely to tell brand stories – corporate animation. Brands need storytelling more than ever to connect with their audiences. To be able to reach out, help, and offer services of value; the customer and brand need to connect on deeper levels than mere face-recall marketing. 

Corporate animation holds undeniable power, almost like that of a father, in the era of social distancing. 

Let’s see how corporate animation has been used to tell some of the most impactful Father’s Day stories by brands. 

A story that can nurture.

Fathers’ hold nurturing qualities for their kids. They almost seem to sketch out a blueprint for the child to be able to meet his needs right from nursery to college. Brands have been using this visionary quality to say their story.

For instance, last year Google used simple, no flair motion graphics animation to tell a nurturing story. They launched a doodle with three frames showing a father duck playing with his six ducklings. It was simple and cute, and yet so striking. A simple emotion with neat graphics – capitalised at the right time – did the trick.

A story to battle challenges. 

If you remember Gru from the animated movie Despicable Me, he definitely had a lot of challenges taking care of the three girls. However, the bond developed between them went beyond his criminal mastermind tendencies. 

Although this movie touches the epitome of animation, a lot of brands have been using this hard-hitting and touching storyline with simpler graphics. 

For instance, if you’re a brand of frozen foods, you can focus on how the father is out there to battle the challenges. Be it helping a kid overcome his stage fright, or helping him develop a taste for peas prepared with love. 

Give birth to those fictitious characters.

Disney has given birth to some charmingly kind fathers – be it Marlin in Finding Nemo or Simba. They have stayed eternal and evergreen. For instance, Vodafone holds certain fatherly zoozoos too which are brought to the field time and again on Father’s Day.

Explore if your brand can give birth to such a heart-warming mascot using illustration and 2D animation. The ROI to the time, monetary investment, effort has absolutely been worth it. 

As a brand, how to go about my topical animated video?

Successful brands are the ones who do contribute to society at a time like this. This can be the best time for brands to move towards establishing a culture of love and bonding leveraging on topical events. If done the right way, everyone feels good- literally. Make sure your marketing strategy is doing its bit_ be it a tiny step_ in moving towards overcoming challenges for people. 

– Storylines matter more than ever. Speak of how dads are sharing the lockdown load. With kids, parents or maybe even grandparents locked down under one roof – dads are doing immense to reduce burdens. Show as to your brand is a catalyst. Is your health insurance helping the dad to secure his family? Or, is your washing powder helping the dad to quickly do the family’s laundry? 

Create assets that can be used eternally. Such as, protagonist characters and artwork. These can be used across stories. The idea to repeat assets is not only to save costs, but also to reinforce branding and related emotions into audiences. 

– Pick mediums wisely. Ofcourse, social media is a no brainer. However, B2B portals also hold great potential on a day like Father’s Day. 70% of B2B customers watch videos on their path to purchase.

At Twisted Frame, we’ve constantly been helping brands tell their story using the new voice of animated video. Do you want to understand how to leverage a topical event to connect with your audiences in this new era? Let’s have a chat as to how your business can leverage from the corporate animation through our Toronto corporate animation services. Reach out for a free chat at (416) 619-1116.