LinkedIn is more than just a job posting platform. If you use it well, it can help your personal brand soar high thanks to efficient corporate video marketing. 

According to Insivia, viewers can remember 95% of messages of a video ad, whereas they can only retain 10% from written ones. So if you wish to advertise your brand on LinkedIn to gain more clients, some nifty tools might help articulate your corporate video production better!

Many video editing services help brands come up with comprehensive corporate video formats for LinkedIn. So today, we shall look into some of the tips that these services follow to bring your LinkedIn brand ad to life!

Types of Corporate Videos that Go Well on LinkedIn

Corporate videos differ in CTA from regular ones. So these are some of the best types of LinkedIn video format you can work with:

Tips Videos

These are more tutorial videos for your prospective and current clients. You can create videos of this format to educate and demonstrate the benefits of your products or service to the watcher. 

Customer Testimonials

Looking to initiate a valuable brand partnership? Try posting customer testimonials. Testimonials are genuine feedbacks from customers who experienced your brand’s value-added services. Their words have more power than any form of copywriting. You can use video editing tools to turn their stories into realistic ads. 

Sales and Promotional Content

If you have a new product, launch it on LinkedIn via a corporate video. You can showcase its necessity and investment opportunities. 

3 Tips to Make Your LinkedIn Corporate Video Stand Out

These few tips can help breathe immortality to your brand’s value:

#1 Lighting Matters

Corporate videos, especially when promoting new products need proper lighting. Not only does it accentuate the look, but also makes it more visible, realistic, and tangible to the client. 

#2 Animate the Benefits

Clear and concise animated ads work wonders and show your creative side. For example, if your company provides painting services for corporate buildings, animate their workings. 

Simple, minimalistic frames can help an animation perform better than advertisements with human actors. While this may sound expensive, animating corporate ads on LinkedIn have a higher reach and can turn into a profitable long-term investment. 

#3 Add Readable Captions

A massage works best when properly understood. Using proper language can help you reach more clients with one simple corporate video

Adding closed captions of various languages to your videos can attract more watchers who might speak a different language from the videos. Closed captions also add a sense of inclusivity and show you to be a welcoming investment for potential international clients. 

Contact Today for the Right Tools and Services

Using professional tools and video editing services can work wonders if you are a start-up brand with lots to give. If you are from Toronto, Twisted Frame‘s video production can be a great way to reach your dream clients as it is an up-to-date and fool-proof method of advertising your brand on LinkedIn.