With the flux of videos being made today, many think that it’s a piece of cake. Many business owners decide to make the video on their own. 

However, you must know that it’s very easy for your corporate video to get lost in the crowd. That’s why, before you dive into your next video, don’t forget to ask yourself these quick questions. 

#1 Is your video simple and smart?

People are anyways dealing with a lot of complexities – be it at home, health front or on the job front. The last thing you want to do is pitch your product in a complex manner and drive them away.

Let’s put it as, ‘simplification is a must-have’ to effectively transmit information about your company to others.

Explainer videos are the best bet to sell products and services – especially ones that hold complexity in them. For instance, pharmaceuticals or complex workings of any product.

How do explainer videos simplify understanding for consumers or prospect clients?

  • Explainer videos highlight the key messages and Call-To-Actions. One cannot lose it in a well-made and seamless explainer video.
  • Explainer videos bring in emotion and connect through a colorful play of characters, colors and graphics.
  • Explainer videos explain problems and solutions through stories, in engaging narrative styles as opposed to the long and dragging reading material approach.

Check out these gripping explainer videos for BatchPro Connect as well as RBC Mortgage produced by Twisted Frame.

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#2 Is your story relatable and solution-oriented? 

Marketers need to be reminded that beyond the targeting parameters followed (age, gender, location, ethnicity), there is a person with human emotions.

 The story in the digital video has to connect on a daily level and not on a superficial level. The story has to address the user’s daily problems and offer solutions. These can be solutions wherein one has to directly use the product. Or, solutions that can inspire or bring hope for the user. 

Stories of relevance can play a vital role to ensure that the user ‘dwells more’ on the video, which leads to higher engagement and higher chances of purchase. 

#3 Does your video put the audience first? 

Think of your audience first. Then, write a video script. 

Ensure your digital video story holds value for your audience. Tell how ‘you can help’ to solve their worries, instead of simply selling your brand upfront. 

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#4 Have you planned to put a video on your website? 

Having an engaging video helps people stay longer on your website, and go on to execute the call-to-action in the video. Studies have shown that correctly-done videos (be it corporate animation or live-action) on landing pages retain visitors for longer and this gives the website better credibility on popular search engines. This is why video marketing is extremely impactful in Toronto. We’ll say – quite a favorite choice amongst most minds.

Do you want to reach out to your target prospects or customers in Toronto? 

At Twisted Frame, we’ve constantly been adapting to the new voice of video & consumers. Let’s have a chat as to how your business can leverage the different animated video types through our Toronto video production and motion graphic services.