It’s safe to say that the world is pretty much dominated by video. Not just having a video in a promotional email, but the word ‘video’ in an email’s subject lines receives many more click-through rates than otherwise. 

A huge chunk of online traffic is coming from video ads. Marketers are more & more using video campaigns. 

There’s a ton of A/B testing being done by marketers. It has been observed that adding videos to your website or sales landing page helps converts viewers into customer. Conversion rates have been boosted by almost a whopping 86%. 

So, with all the ‘video’ being cooked by video production homes, animation studios & agencies in Toronto; the real question is what kind of video exactly is working or not? 

Today, we’re here to tell you all the effective video production styles for the corporate vertical! 

Videos that are purely sales-driven – after all, everyone is eagerly waiting to do some great sales and cover up 2020’s financial losses. 

#1 Never stick to one type of video

A powerful marketing campaign never sticks to only one type of corporate video. This is because different communication points require different video styles. The marketing strategy needs to revolve around the objective in mind.

Say, if it’s to establish trust; then testimonial-based videos are better. Watch this story-driven testimonial video for Trissa:

Whereas if it’s to bring awareness & education, then how-to/ explainer videos work much better.

So, always ask ‘What is the objective?’

Then, pick the video style.

#2 Testimonial videos: A need in the healthcare sector

Now, with online consultations for conditions that can be treated over the web, health does require a human element.  We need to hear from people who have already received treatment for health conditions others may be looking to address – be it physical or mental health. These aren’t ‘testimonial videos’ by clinics to generate business, but ‘adaptability to the new’ videos to implant new adaptability skills. We all are very new to telehealth checkups. We are all equally anxious and equally open to adapt. 

Videos about real-life people talking about how a certain treatment plan has worked for them. People sharing their honest experiences as to how are their online consultations different/similar to personal visits. This can help people adapt to the newer means when the condition can be treated online. 

#3 Staff-training videos

New ways & technologies to work have already emerged. But with less of on-ground staff and work-in-office scenes, training of staff has taken a backseat. And the point of concern is that lack of employee training is enough to lose customers & business. In this case, a lot of corporates are opting for creation of training videos. 

The medical network is truly an infinite galaxy: doctor-nurse, doctor-patient, patient-receptionist, clinic-pharmacy and so on. With a digitally-driven capsule being injected into almost each department, this healthcare network is quick to learn the new skillsets and bridge gaps. Right from managing backend, patient histories, online consultations, tracking treatment plans to acquiring medicines – all via online modalities. 

Healthcare explainer videos are using motion graphics to explain this virtual care capsule launch, depicting step-by-step features of the new soft wares in use. Right from basics of how to log-in to accessing records, measuring samples, reporting histories, tracking treatment plans and placing new medical equipment orders. 

#4 Sales-driven explainer videos

Face-to-face business meetings have been overtaken by zoom & skype calls. However, a client still needs to see, hear & feel your product – like earlier. 

Explainer videos provide for this connective dynamism. They not only simplify concepts, features and offerings but also communicate emotions. 

Here is a video example executed by Twisted Frame

Using corporate animation, we’ve made a sales-driven corporate animation explainer video for Ontario’s newest public transit system showcasing how the changes will improve the transportation system in the GTA.

What are you looking to achieve for your brand – visibility, awareness, education? 

If you too have witnessed a major business slowdown in the last year, then this is a great time to accelerate sales through the power of video in 2021. Be it to establish awareness, visibility or education for your brand – we can help you pick the right video style & narrative for your audiences. 

At Twisted Frame, we’ve constantly been adapting to the new voice of video & consumers’ revised patterns of behaviour in Canada.

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