Is your video being viewed by your neighbours in Toronto?


  • It’s alright if they aren’t the target audience.
  • It’s not alright if they are the audience. 

Just about 64% of the people residing in the same community as you (let’s call it the local community) make purchases after watching a video. 

If the people living behind your fence (who match your brand’s target audience) aren’t able to access it, then you’re surely missing out on the simple yet effective video production & marketing strategies. 

The secret is that the most effective video strategies are pretty simple. Probably, so simple that marketers and media agencies tend to ignore the power of it and miss out. 

Typing from the headquarters of Twisted Frame – let’s dive into them. 

  • K.I.S.S., please

Keep it super simple, please! 

Simplify your concept so it can be understood by maximum people. Explainer videos are meant to do this – simplify the complex matter! Don’t confuse your viewers by giving too many call-to-actions. Are they supposed to buy the product, share the video or simply forget about it?

Here’s a simple-to-understand explainer video made by Twisted frame for Batch Pro Connect. 

Right from explaining the challenges faced by consumers, offering the solution and one simple call-to-action; it seamlessly explains everything about the app.  The USP as functionality is engagingly narrated in less than 2 minutes. You wouldn’t feel it’s rushed at all. Check it out. 

  • You need an opening ‘hook’ 

According to Statistic Brain Research Institute, 8.5 seconds is the average attention span. 

So, if you have a great idea, a tagline, and of course, the desired graphics, you aim to grasp viewers’ attention within the first 8 seconds. For that, you need two marketing ingredients, a clever hook and an attractive thumbnail that pauses scrolls.

  • Call To Actions Work Wonders

CTA or Call to Action asks the viewers to do a small activity for your business if it interests them. For regular video production, you might place a CTA like:

  • Follow and Like 
  • Share This Video
  • Subscribe to Our Channel
  • Check Out Our Content
  • Leave Your Feedback in the comments!


  • Leverage all the power of the edit suite

There’s more power in an editing suite than you can think.

  • Leverage the movement magic. You can move your camera to the suite. Say, a minimal movement for an interview/ b-roll frame. Temporal parallel (walk and talk with the camera following you) for a documentary. 
  • Explore zooms for a scene that requires energy. 
  • Work on colours, saturation, exposure.
  • Render high-resolution 720p or 180p HD.
  • Get all your keyboard shortcuts at the tip of your fingers. Experienced editors who’ve been long enough in the business know that every second counts.
  • Negate noise from audios. Make use of sound effects and follies
  • Set the export formats exactly as per the medium of release (social media or television) to avoid red flags later. 

You must have heard (and hopefully experienced) that the biggest joys in life are derived from the smallest of things. Similarly, the most effective video strategies are simple. Most marketers find it difficult to implement the simplest of strategies – how to keep it short? How to bring real unique value to the narrative? How to make magic happen with smart video editing

At Twisted Frame, we’re all about helping you figure your way through all the above questions.