The bearish business – a drastic climate that has united all

With a flourishing network across industries until last year, the sudden and unprecedented pandemic (COVID-19) has seen a majority of industries cripple. In a short period of time, a tension-infused, drastic shift has emerged with bearish stocks and industries stalling by the day. Debts, layoffs, job losses, order withdrawals, lack of demand for non-essential services are among the many other business problems that were united on globally. This blue climate isnt centric to one country, or any one industry. Its the business of all to mind. Were all aiming to make productive adaptations to set the path right for the upcoming future. 

In this drastically ever-changing climate, lets guage as to how implementing a video in your marketing strategy can drive sales efforts. Investing in a video has become more important than ever before. Its time to use corporate video production to its fullest to scale up, and mark the re-birth of a booming network of opportunities and sales across as many industries as possible. 

Tapping into senses: use of animation and graphics in video production 

Getting back into action requires the same approach like earlier: to be able to see, hear and feel to make any sales. Sales, marketing and business development teams arent able to go to the field to make any sales pitches. 

However, your prospective client will still need to see, hear and feel your product offering. A video provides for this connective dynamism. 

For instance, if youre manufacturing boxes, your video now will not just be your earlier corporate video. It needs to go beyond simply showcasing specifications of the box or the quality, the know-how to manufacture and so on. The video needs to make a visual sale. Using animation and graphics into the corporate video, such as 3D models of the product to present an in-depth of understanding for the buyer. 

How to justify your consumers demand 

Why would people not purchase high-end clothes, automobiles or even electronics? One reason, of course can be to conserve monetary saving reserves. But what about the ones who had already planned to make this purchase until two months ago? Who is addressing this huge market of people waiting to make their purchases? 

And the larger question is: what is making them uncomfortable to purchase online, without having experienced the product? They are valid in their skepticism of the quality of the end-product which they will receive at their doorstep after paying their hard-earned money. Theyre worried as to how will the brand justify their demand?

But what if, sitting in their living rooms, people could be sure of what theyre ordering: just as they do with their groceries.

Businesses can hire VR and 360 degree video production services. VR combined with technology can be optimised to address this market. Consumers could take a world-class virtual experience, tour of the car right from choosing its seat colours (and seeing their colour option on an e-modelled car on screen), to test driving it on multiple terrains. 

Maybe even see that high-end shirt on models of all sizes right before their eyes to aid their purchasing decision. Providing them with written matter to only read measurements and a few shirt images clicked from various angles for the amount quoted; isnt justified anymore. 

Staying cost-effective: video generating unique value 

Times can be trying, and it is understandable that not all businesses will be prepared to right away invest in high-end video technology. How would a small furniture business, foundation repair company or local retailer of musical instruments amongst many other smaller businesses leverage video? 

Get the video to speak unique value. 

Corporate video production takes the voice of social value here. Say, a creative director of the production studio can craft a strategy to accrue user-generated footage. The shooting phase is adapted to the new era of lack of crew gatherings, wherein each talent shoots in their own home being directed over video-conferencing. 

In the case of a local retailer of musical instruments, it can a campaign structured to source musical talents across Toronto. Users do not only bring out emotion of art by showcasing their indoor musical performances, but can share the know-hows of instruments: such as, how different types of guitars in the market can bring unique values to the art of music. This footage is put on the edit suite wherein the video editor edits it, in tandem to the creative direction of the director. 

At Twisted Frame, weve made a pact to stay flexible, and guage as to how your business can get it right with video.

Lets help you answer questions like How to master a visual sale? How to lift business by leveraging video-centric sales and marketing approaches? 

Weve equipped ourselves for the new era of video production. Lets have a chat as to how your business can communicate with your target audience through our Toronto video production and motion graphic services.