Top stories this week setting the script for the next decade

Toronto has been welcoming light rain showers. Personally, my idea of sipping tea almost always enhances during rains. However, this time as we sipped some mint tea at Twisted Frame Toronto, we were struck by the next big question: corporate video communications for the upcoming decade. It wasnt the strong mint! It was all these value based video stories and the strategy behind each a decade long video-centric strategy. 

Video communication has definitely passed the test of keeping connectivity ongoing even in a time of crisis. But, it has also made a lot of businesses realise that if leveraged correctly, it can hold immense opportunity in the coming decade. A huge percentage of their staff can operate from home   saving office space leases, direct correlation of cutting down travel time and increased productivity, cutting environmental pollution amongst many other insights. 

With the rapid shift of riding the digital bull, businesses are not only responding to COVID-19 but gearing up for the next decade of business.  Video solutions are being leveraged today, more than ever before.  

Here are soaring corporate video production stories from the last week each highlighting the next decade-long video-focussed strategy. 

Wheres my video shopping bag?

Video is styling up to become the shoppers eye. Poshmark, where people can buy/sell clothing (new or used), is clearly enticing consumers shopping carts and optimising resellers. Theyve introduced a new video shopping tool titled Posh stories

Users post vertical videos to their profile in a slideshow which holds a shelf life of 48 hours. One can add in cool add-ons like custom text, resale listing links, tags and more. 

Clothing firms as well as costume stylists are also hiring professional video editing services to create as stylistic a video to grab eyeballs. Fun motion graphics are being inserted in. 

The future of shopping for clothing is being reshaped by giving sellers the opportunity to share more dynamic listings with their followers. And in an environment where heading to shopping malls, crowded market isnt feasible; shoppers are already getting a better idea of how any clothing/accessory piece can fit or look on them. 

Video centric car showrooms 

Automobile companies have already begun to leverage video production services in the core segment of interactive VR and walkthrough videos. 

Mercedes Benz, with its recent campaign wherein people can see a 360-degree interior view of the GLB SUV, has marked the vision for the automobile industry. 

This campaign may just make viewers view the car, but not necessarily purchase this beauty right away in the next few months. But what about after that? Once economic activity and payment rolls picks up; virtual showrooms can be the next big mode to purchase cars and bikes. 

Videos Within Virtual Clinics

The healthcare industry has welcomed video to reach out to patients as well as staff. By now, we all must have received notifications from several medical and healthcare clinics which have begun online video consultations from doctors. Patients are being treated via video links. 

Video visits are definitely new and challenging. Do you remember how doctors would sometimes draw and show us certain medical issues? Over a screen, this can be a little challenging and the experience isnt the same.  However, pre-made video content is in fact turning out be more informative and educative. Content such as in-depth medical video explainers on causes, symptoms and treatment modules. Within video conferences with patients, doctors are using a lot of medical educational and animation video content via share-screen

Training videos are nurturing new skills within the healthcare staff network. Healthcare training videos are helping paddle back-end data, patient histories and teach how to operate in an entirely new e-communication workflow management model.

Virtual classrooms 

The education industry has taken up the new assignment of setting up virtual classrooms. Web-based tests, online tutoring, pre-recorded video classes for the kids who happen to miss the session; educators have begun trying out video classes. 

Educators are trying to keep attention intact over screens by making fun, music-based video content to explain lessons. Kids seem to be liking the new and colourful ways of learning. As a result, an overall increase in video minutes has been observed within these virtual classrooms.

Video delivered at an Off Shelf Life

Video content definitely comes with a big return on investment: its always on the shelf. The pandemic has set the stage for revamped operations – not just for the upcoming months but the upcoming decade.

Production houses and agencies have reshaped video production modalities right from shooting remotely, cutting best edits from existing footages of past many years, using motion graphics and animation to create new footage, directors directing their talent via video conferencing to cameras housing remote capabilities. 

The reshaped video strategies must focus on:

Not using the same performance strategy to monitor your new video ad as you did in December 2019. 

– Monitor the new branded searches from audiences. 

– Remarket earlier video footage with new edit styles.

– And above all, let the video ad tell how youre there to help. 

The next big question is how to support all this soaring video communication?  The ability for portals to embed, program and support video functions. Well chalk out insights and share some of our ideas over our next cup of mint tea. 

Meanwhile, wed love to hear how youve been incorporating video communications for your business and target audience. Reach out for a free chat at [(416) 619-1116/], and lets explore as to how you can communicate with your target audience through our Toronto video production and motion graphic services.