Snackable video content establishing self-love in times of COVID

Until not a long time ago, social media had unintentionally gained the reputation of being the ‘hotspot’ that broadcasts absolutely unrealistic body ideals and standards. A negatively-charged hotspot which begins by causing body distress and escalates to mental distress amongst the ones who don’t achieve that ideal. Filling up oneself with feelings of void, self-criticism, fear to face people and slash spirit and self-esteem. 

We all may have experienced this at some point. In fact, while we were filming a positivity-inclined video for Trissa, lot of people shared their weight struggles and in doing so, experienced the self-confidence within themselves. The mental struggles to combat what ‘people think of you’ are disheartening to say the least. A few didn’t even feel like attending social gatherings or getting pictures clicked on birthdays as they couldn’t gather the courage to do so. However, coming before a camera and speaking in itself made a lot of them finally see the amazing person they are! And believe in themselves once again. 

Lockdown Love 

For a long time, there have been attempts to promote body positivity and self-love. Somehow, these attempts are finally bringing visible and noteworthy results during a lockdown. The mental health awareness week is something we need to pledge daily- each week in our lives. 

The period of lockdown has kept a lot of people not just away from grooming salons, but also from setting idealistic, unrealistic standards. We’re noticing how the digital media is in fact finally promoting being absolutely okay with who you are. Messy hair, no makeup and so on; it’s all fine as long as you feel mentally healthy and great about yourself! Self-love is absolutely cardinal everyday, especially during a pandemic. 

Let’s check out the snackable video content that go beyond swanky edit styles. These are videos crafted to empower lifestyles and bring sunshine and positivity for all – Any shape. Any Size. 

  • I don’t care what you think about me! 

The lockdown has literally made people not care about ‘idealistic’ standards _ who cares if you’re the boss and in your pyjamas! No one really. Him? The least of all! Instagram influencers are captivating this mindset to spread body positivity. 

While some are making Instagram videos ‘What strangers say about me’ wherein they are gathering all the hateful comments received across the past years from their feeds. Confronting these comments on video, and turning it around by responding through positive and funny ways. @ChessieKingg did make us smile! 

Some like @supaarwoman are laughing on themselves by making videos lying down ‘Is this a position to shoot a video for an influencer?’ ‘Now, even I don’t care’. 

The communication of these videos is clear. ‘Mah body. Mah rules’. The mental toil caused by society isn’t worth it. 

  • Multiple skills in my superhero kitty 

TikTok has been lately filled with honest traits of personalities, women and men both, sharing the idea that they’re more than their bodily shapes: demanding jobs, managing kids, doing dishes, cooking and the to-do list is endless. It’s okay to wake upto greasy hair, or a pimple – you’re still a superhero! 

A lot of us can relate to how it is to meet job demands, bring up kids, manage families – and realise that we are the exact definition of a ‘superhero’. 

A stream of beautiful images from their day chores and work-from home time; fast paced editing with apt music holds more impact than you think. It’s inspiration served in a video – for everyone who isn’t feeling too great.

  • The honesty to love myself

Mental healthcare always requires a huge element of ‘you’. Empowering oneself to choose themselves. Being kind to yourself, and loving yourself first is cardinal. Only then, can you extend this love to others around you. 

Mental health trainers, holistic wellness coaches and counsellors are putting out video content on their Instagram to empower people at a time when it’s absolutely normal to feel lonely and alone. Choosing ourselves is essential. We can treat ourselves by baking a cake! We need not wait for someone else’s birthday. 

As a brand, what to include in my video to spread self-love?

Successful brands are the ones who do contribute to society at a time like this. Brands can move towards establishing a culture of love and satisfaction. If done the right way, everyone feels good- literally. Make sure your marketing strategy is doing its bit_ be it a tiny step_ in moving towards overcoming challenges for people. 

The reshaped video strategies must focus on:

– ‘Not using the same performance strategy to monitor your new video as you did in December 2019. 

– Monitor whats causing your audiences to feel low today. Is it mental distress? Is it how they feel about themselves? Is it a lot of chores? 

Remarket earlier video footage with new edit styles. 

– And above all, let the video tell how you’re there to help. Say, you’re a pastry brand, you can post a video of how it’s important to treat yourself: cook up a pastry with basic ingredients in your fridge. Now, you make ask ‘Why should I give my audiences the skill to make their own pastry. Who will come to me then?’ If this is your thought process, then you’ve already lost your existing audience as well. The idea is that if you can uplift their moods or help them in any way now, they will remember you and come back to you when normalcy is retained. Don’t you eagerly wait for your mum to cook that exquisite turkey delicacy, even though you’ve tried cooking it couple of times by yourself.

It’s pleasing to see that a lot of brands are moving towards kindness and love. Spreading the idea to practice self-love is a lifestyle, and not just to be retained across a week or pandemic. 

If you too want to explore video options for your brand to spread the love; feel free to reach out to Twisted Frame Toronto for our video production and motion graphic services. Let’s have a free chat