Corporate Animation

Have you ever felt an onset of frustration and panic when asked to explain what it is you do? The answer is simple when speaking to a friend. But it quickly becomes more complex when worrying about making a great, first impression while conversing with a stranger.

Sometimes it’s the easiest question that knocks the wind out of our sail, suddenly leaving our enthusiasm adrift.

Explaining your personal lifestyle, a favourite dish, or a movie may make you a bit flustered when answering another person. Yet it is something that’s doable, using a keen sense and some sharp animated body language. The real wordplay starts if you own a business or offer a service that’s off the beaten path, with its innerworkings lighting only the passionate conclave of your mind’s eye. Transferring an idea that’s been maturing in your mind for a long time is not an easy task.

Many businesses that do not have established, recognizable brands, need to work extra hard to answer that one gnawing question: what do you offer? Because sometimes what you do or what you offer is really complicated to explain. It is no secret that in the world flooded with numerous global super brands, answering what you do must capture audience attention quickly — within two minutes at best. No pressure, right?

There is a tool that can help: Corporate animation, boosted by amazing video production. It’s all about how you show it. Using digital corporate animation, you can empower workers, while capturing and engaging future clients. Creating a short animated video using solid video production is a great start to introducing an idea or a brand.

Elevate your video with the use of the latest production technology. Animated video production is dynamic and engaging. It makes sharing a message easy, clear, entertaining and concise. Perhaps you already experienced a short animation flick starring clean likable characters performing actions to a catchy tune, while a convincing voiceover makes the sale. This style of video is done with motion graphics, that are generated by digital and animated footage blended together. A popular style that leaves a lasting impression on audiences. Google corporate animation, and see it in motion for yourself. You will want commision your own right away. Before you do, here’s some tips.

Make an informed choice. Choosing a good video production studio to produce your corporate animation, will assure that the unique voice of your company resonates. Bring the right tools. A masterful use of video production tools by professionals will tune and steer the video in the right direction. To the right channels. To the right audiences. And on the right platforms. Tell your story. Craft an delightful narrative around a key message. Share the fun, unique, side of your company, to connect your employees to each other and potential clients. Have fun. Don’t fall into the dullness of corporate talk: ditch the finalized projections, the game changers, the latest analysis. Be open and true; that will do.

Author: Tomasz Juszkiewicz