Did you watch an ample of baby shower balloons launch into the web in the last week? No, they werent pink or blue. 

We are talking about the 16:9 balloons announcing the birth of the new era of corporate video production in times of COVID-19. It holds the same gene of impactful storytelling and HD quality, with a new methodology to shoot sans a large crew. 

The past week at Twisted Frame has been about brainstorming, aligning shooting modalities, video conferencing with our directorial talents and coming up with new strategies to streamline the execution. Were glad to announce that were all ready to hit play in this new era of corporate video production

Here are the first stories from the world of corporate video production 2.0. 

Drone Captured City Scenes: Lets take it from the top (literally)

During this lockdown, civic bodies of cities right from Minneapolis to Mumbai have hired video production services to capture their empty cities, landmark spots which were once upon a time flocking with crowds. Using high-flying drones to depict the beauty and safety in silence and emptiness has been quite a success, eliminating the need for a crew mass gathering. Drone pilots have shot the most stellar and mollifying scenes in these cities. The footage ranks extremely high on quality, and is achieved with a minimal crew of barely 2. 

These corporate videos aim to communicate to citizens that their city is magnificently beautiful, and citizens need to play their role to preserve it by staying indoors. The videos also reflect on the proactive, efficient and highly-organised law and order of such cities who have successfully managed to keep people indoors by making all possible arrangements. 

Cyber Hygiene Videos: in wake of digital payment methods

Digital payments are being preferred to cash-in-hand, as it helps achieve social distancing, contactless deliveries. However, with companies laying off their staff in the wake of almost non-existent job opportunities; cybercrime has been escalating. Many anti-virus software companies have been releasing content to educate people about good cyber hygiene habits such as downloading reputable malware softwares, not sharing OTPs and pins, securing routers and encryptions_ DIY routes for lay men. 

Personal Hygiene Choreographed: Shake-Those-Hands-And-Hips 

Teaching personal hygiene, especially the 20-second hand wash rule, has gained groovy moves in the last few days. Several soap and hygiene brands are on this dance boat. 

Companies like Dettol have hired video production houses to choreograph a signature dance step, as well as compose catchy music tracks and lyrics explaining how to deep wash hands. Influencers have been brought in to replicate this move on their personal TikTok, IGTV to spread the message of personal hygiene. Audiences are surely loving it, and replicating it; not just via moves but incorporating the behaviour to wash hands extremely well. This has definitely scored in being quite a receptive way to instil the habit of personal hygiene. Disinfectant brands have released videos cleanliness measures. This involves explanatory motion graphics as well as live action. These cast top celebrities in their homes, and are directed over video-conferences. Countries like India have composed musical anthems wherein lyrics convey that the country will emerge victorious. These again cast celebrities in their homes, and are directed over the internet. 

Team spirit with Sport-centric inspirational videos

Globally, sports have always spoken imparted team-spirit, energy and the idea to never give up. These are ideologies which are definitely needed at a time like this when the society is going through strain and distress. The New York Yankees dropped an inspirational video for Big Apples citizens while we wait to return to normalcy and enjoy the games! The video showcases inspirational clips from the past, infusing the ray of hope.

Corporate video production to secure funds 

Social videos talking about challenges have been out in plenty. Instance, the ALL IN CHALLENGE wherein people can bid on incredible gifts, including Giants’ Eli Manning‘s Super Bowl-winning Corvette, batting practice with the Yankees’ Aaron Judge, working out with Saquon Barkley, and batting tips from Alex Rodriguez. Proceeds go towards the cause to fight against coronavirus. 

Videos for the video makers

Video production studios and broadcast-technology communities need to be acquainted with newer techniques and technologies to shoot in times of COVID. In this light, camera rental firms are putting out videos to share which cameras aid remote video production. Edgar Shane of JVC Professional Video showcases ConnectedCAM series of camcorders and how it allows for remote production over the Internet (IP). Or, the 1″ CMOS handheld and 2/3″ 3xCMOS shoulder/studio camcorders including the GY-HC500SPC camera; which is equipped with the streaming encoder to send video over the Internet and decoder to receive Return Video and IFB over the same connection.

The combatting of COVID-19 requires awareness and information-sharing at fast speeds, as few of the many other ways to address it. Video content is posing to be an effective tool to address communication, in quick and efficient ways.

At Twisted Frame, weve equipped ourselves for the new era of video production. Once youre ready to explore as to how you can communicate with your target audience through our Toronto video production and motion graphic services.