We at Twisted Frame had the absolute pleasure of working with US tech company Ask The Doctor, a business which provides an online platform for instant medical consultation. We’d be remiss to not mention how humbled we’ve become through this process, working with a team who not only provides an essential service, but is also looking for ways to improve it.


In short, AskTheDoctor.com allows anyone with an online device to receive medical attention almost instantly. By way of text message, email, video chat or phone, a person can communicate with a trained specialist and receive answers quickly. Over the last decade, AskTheDoctor.com has solidified itself as one of the few go-to medical web sources worldwide.

With augmented reality technology on the horizon Microsoft Holoens, The Magic Leap, etc), AskTheDoctor.com has plans to have its application accessible to whichever technology hits the mainstream. Though the technology is still in the development phases, people with AskTheDoctor.com made a firm decision to air thier plans to the masses today. Our objective was make that wish happen by producing a commercial, made to air on television networks across North America.


We are a company that specializes in motion graphics and animation, so naturally, we were excited with the opportunity to mimic augmented reality on screen. Animation was the single most important part of the project. We had to make viewers really believe in augmented reality.

By instruction from the client, we had a 60 – 90 second window not only tell the story of AskTheDoctor.com and what it has accomplished, but to also show how augmented reality can maximize its service on the global scale.

Days of storyboard and script discussion had us conclude that we needed to bring AskTheDoctor.com and augmented reality into people’s homes. Our aim was to make it look as domestic as possible.

Who, what, when, where, why, how. The script was tailored to answer these simple, but important questions. We worked vigorously with our client to get the most out of our message.

We held a one-day shoot for the production. We had a two actors on set to show the budding technology, but the star of the commercial would prove to be the technology itself. We spent a good portion of the day filming with a green screen, which allowed our post production team to make an augmented reality interface completely from scratch.


We were given approval for the project in the first week of June and were given a hard deadline of June 28. We completed the entire process — from start to finish — in under four weeks time, a proud accomplishment of ours.

Our production team for the project included the following positions:

  • Executive Producer
  • Producer
  • Director
  • Assistant Director
  • Director of Photography
  • Camera Assistant
  • Makeup Artist