Branding and Identity Videos

Building a brand through storytelling is a very interesting process. If executed right, a  powerful, memorable story could be the catalyst that launches your brand into the stratosphere. If handled poorly, a roughly crafted story, could ground your brand, quickly burying it in the sands of forgetfulness, or even regret.

And if there’s one important maxim to follow on the internet of things, it’s to always be memorable, interesting — and shareable.

If I asked you to sell me your brand, what method, sales pitch, or platform would you use? Would your brand be memorable? Would it have flair? Would your delivery system(s) be up to snuff, to compete globally? Could your brand captivate my attention for even a brief moment? These are some of the questions marketing departments wrestle with every time a company approaches with a brand-building task. Before heading into the drafting room, consider some of the proven tactics.

When it comes to creating brand awareness, many approaches and tools may be utilized, but one the most important components of the riddle is utilizing branding and identity videos. Without identity there is no character; without character there is no identity. Just think how dull the famed novel Frankenstein would be if the notable monster had no character; thus, no will to seek out the reason for its existence. If you’re not familiar with this classic prose, all you need to know is that Victor Frankenstein (the monster’s maker) refused to name the monster, to strip it of its identity.

An intent that clearly failed, since many readers still refer to the monster as Frankenstein, due to its memorable qualities (character), which revealed an abundance of identity.  

By establishing a strong identity — or the reason for your brand — marketing a product or service, becomes a much easier sale, providing monstrous return on investment. That is why branding and identity videos are powerful marketing tools widely used by many established brands. To adopt the best approach to making a branding and identity video or promotional materials, it’s important to figure out what elements to include in your creation. Brands need to be visible. Because of this, it’s best use a visual approach: Company name, logo, typeface, colors and tagline, are all perfect visual elements that are used by many brands and companies to convey trust and quality.

Treating each of the elements mentioned above as a separate story, is bound to make a memorable impression on the receiver. There is always a story, or should be, behind the company name and its initial creation. A logo should have everlasting appeal, so when shown in comparison within the unending sea of brands, it stands proud. Add virtuous use of captivating colours, bold lettering, and memorable easily remembered tagline, and you can really make your brand soar. By investing in branding and identity videos, you not only increase brand awareness, but also reveal to consumers how your brand should be perceived. Assuring that the story of your brand is indeed told.   

Author: Tomasz Juszkiewicz